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Apple.. My favourite brand

11 years ago, Written by , Posted in Favourite ad

I remember reading about this back when I was 15. I was always in love with the Apple Ipod ads, and used to make my own versions – haha! The tagline was something like.. “Life is random.. and so is Michelle!”
I’ll see if I can find them.. They’d be funny to laugh at now :P

Apple Computers unveiled their new portable music player called the iPod Shuffle. Those who wish to remain in control of the order in which their music is played will not be able to stand the device, as it can only play music in the order by which it was added to the player or in shuffle mode. This gave the ad campaign the slick slogan of “Life is Random.” The word Random, a harmless enough word, has crept into the popular vocabulary as an all-purpose word, often used to describe things that are not random or are simply strange. It has become overused and clich├ęd, taking the place of several fine adjectives that work equally as well, if not better, by themselves.

Other versions of this ad:
– skateboards
– rollerskates
– breakdancing
– skipping

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