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10 years ago, Written by , Posted in Creative Thinking, Products

Woah, what a busy time of year! I’ve been so incredibly flat out I haven’t had time to relax.. until now.. :) Thank god for Christmas holidays! So, now I’m back into the swing of things, I can finally write about all those things I’ve been meaning to. Beginning with something cool I found surfing the net, a clever form of Advertising using bags, now colloquially dubbed “Bagvertising”.

Some examples!

People seemingly skipping rope with the corded handles of bags from YKM, a Turkish department store chain.

When properly carried, this bag makes it look like you’re in your undies! Haha! Not sure who the bag is advertising, though.

A “Reach out to children with Autism” bag promoting the efforts of the Dubai Autism Center.

A gun themed bag promoting the work of Belian crime novelist Pieter Aspe.

Graphically depicting the use of ‘Stop ‘n Grow’ nail biting deterrent.

A vivid representation of a consumer who needs some Panadol pain relief.. Great idea but I don’t think I would wear it.. :P

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