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9 years ago, Written by , Posted in brands, new site, social networking

“Publicis Mojo’s Australian Chief Creative Officer Craig Davis is out to help everyone make better brand choices and influence brand behavior for good”.

“My issue with Brandkarma is not what it’s nobly trying to achieve, but simply this: 99.9% of consumers, the regular mums, dads and kids out there, couldn’t care less about contributing to sites like Brandkarma. As usual, the committed – from genuinely interested to zealots on a mission – will dominate and sway the findings accordingly.
For instance, I reckon 90% of Australians don’t have any problems with Nestle – but according to BK they obviously do.”

At least someone is giving it a crack. It’s a good start anyway. For a personal project it is actually a great start! Maybe if there was some incentive for any consumer to log their opinions on brands, rather than just them putting in their two cents for nothing in return other than to see what others think, too.. Sampling, maybe?

Definitely raised a few eyebrows on Campaign Brief, but hey, that site is toxic.

Cute little intro video as well!

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