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    There ain’t no love

    Like cardboardlove.

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    How could I have ever forgotten..

    about Etsy!? ma gosh. 

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    Shoo Sha Shoo Sha Shoooo!

    Some cute ads I watched on ‘Stash’ for Dentyne Mints.. linking to a website.. The site only gives you three minutes to browse throughout (unless you are reading about the various flavours of Dentyne), to reinforce the campaigns message: to get off the www and make ‘face time’.  Take a look at the TV ads.. I really like them!! Good luck trying to get through to Gen Y, though. haha!

  • Picture-13

    Banksy’s pet shop

    check this out, it’s incredible! love the baby hot dogs haha gross! M. x

  • Picture-20

    Random lo[v]e

    A cute little site done up by Channel [v] where viewers stick a piece of paper up with a sentence written beginning with I LO[V]E.. Kinda like two of my previous posts.. similar to twitter/twistori and ‘I dream of..‘ I like :)

  • Blogs I want to follow

    … But don’t have the ‘follow’ option on their sites… grr!

  • Random archives

    Great Flash intro.. Gold!! I want it!! Laughing baby.. SO CUTE Bahahaahhahahaa, if you don’t laugh at this you don’t have a soul. ahahahaha

  • Google sightseeing

    Aliens have been trying to communicate with us puny humans for years now, usually via the confusing medium of drawing circles in Britain’s fields. But a recent trend shows them branching out into more direct forms of communication with actual words being carved into our crops. Of course they haven’t fully developed a grasp of our primitive languages, as seen in this example of childishly rude crop writing just beside Edinburgh Airport. What, oh mighty alien lifeforms, are you trying to tell us?! (click for google sightseeing) And another..This gigantic image of the KFC Colonel was constructed from 65,000 1-foot-square […]