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Creative Process class notes

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– surround yourself with creative goodness
– no trashy TV and magazines
– do different things and get inspired

Account directors should have a reel of portfolios!
Using research to create strategy. Research = starting point for all strategy

The brief contains all the info needed to solve the marketing problem used as a reference to judge the final concepts.

Debate all views up front before starting on creative. This strengthens brief and streamlines the creative process.

Single mindedness = one message. Single minded brief leads to a single minded ad. More than one idea being communicated? create a campaign.

The proposition – unique, believable and substantial. A good proposition can only belong to one brand. A proposition has to come from a truth about the product or brand. You can’t lie, but you can exaggerate the truth.

Excite your creative team by getting excited!

ROIC – Relevance, Originality, Impact, Creativity
No clichés!!!

Proposition + support = ad. Tell me something I don’t know. Cut the words in half. A short brief is a good brief. Only include what you need. Don’t add what’s not necessary! will dull the idea and confuse and clutter. Play on the point of difference. Only the mandatories are mandatories. Don’t talk down to the reader. Talk to them as if you’re having a conversation.

B2B is still C2C (or person to person) st george home loans – niggling doubt played by martin (great insight)
Proposition: you’ll feel safe about our home loans. think about how you think!

Branding into the ad – logos clearly displayed – unless the brand is clear, the idea is wasted – musn’t be able to replace the logo with another logo.

Consistency builds confidence and trust.

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