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Dear Mr President By Pepsi

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Dear Mr. President..

You have something to say to the President of the United States? Then you can upload your video to Dear Mr. President, a ‘seemingly nice’ action coming from Pepsi and R/GA.

Consumers pushing content back to the advertiser

What does this mean for online video? Well, it means that banner advertising has done what cable did when it went digital, it became a two-way communication avenue. Not only can content be pushed to viewers as it has been doing for years, but now it also allows the consumer, the viewers, to push content back. It allows for dynamic interaction and compilation of user-created content. It gives the people, the consumers, the viewers a voice. More than a voice, it gives them a potentially fully interactive medium with which to reach out to the advertisers. Imagine that, consumers reaching through the internet toward you, telling you what they want to see, hear, buy.Telling you what they like and don’t like and telling you who they are, where they are and what they’re thinking.

Isn’t that what technology is about? Enabling us to do what we couldn’t before, to go beyond what we ever hoped and to connect us all like never before? Sure it might not seem like much but it’s a step forward. It’s a potential way for advertisers to better understand their consumers, to better target their advertising and to better spend that all-important marketing budget.”

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