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Dream on

10 years ago, Written by , Posted in Uncategorized

My mum and I went to the Hare Krishna curry place in Northbridge today, which I thought was pretty awesome! I went into the toilets to find some pretty awesome stuff written on the back of the toilet door, I just had to write about it! It’s like user generated content, but in the offline world. :)


I dream of my children’s happiness and hope they have a long loving life because I love them. Ring your mums. xxx <3

I dream of a life and a world without Prozac

I dream of marshmallows

I dream of Swami

I dream of ciggarettes (reformed smoker) sigh.

I dream of waves

I dream of true compassion. people living in the knowledge that every human has a beautiful inner world full of dreams and fears.


I dream of everything good and bad

I’m living the dream

I dream of northern lights

I dream of a Barcelona summer

I dream of black and white together

I dream of Jeannie

I dream of something better

I dream of inner peace and self acceptance

I dream of peace and happiness

I dream of waking up

I’ve forgotten how to dream

I dream of creamy peans competing for sunbeams (?!)

I dream of colours

I dream of a solution

I dream of contentment

I dream of music

I dream of glory

I dream of losing 12kgs

I dream of Jeannie

I dream of naked Irishmen

I dream of cottonwool

Tonight I’m tangled in my blanket of clouds, dreaming aloud. Things just don’t do without you. It’s a matter of fact. I’m on your back.

I’m dreaming of cockroaches

I dream of a world without banal and infantile graffiti

I dream of a future for my children

I dream of a world without wankers who misappropriate big words


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