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Google+ and other learnings

8 years ago, Written by , Posted in Uncategorized

So I’ve been using Google+ for about a week now, it’s looking pretty cool! I want there to be some sort of import though, I have so much on Facebook and feel like I don’t want to leave it behind! +1ing everything is addictive, but still feel strange. I love how you can filter your streams and sort your peeps into different circles so you can choose who you want to see stuff from. It’s pretty lonely in there at the moment, only a dozen people in my network, but I can’t wait until everyone gets on it. I never thought I’d see the day that someone rivals Facebook, but if anyone could do it, it’d be Google for sure. :)

In other news, I’m half way through my Digital Strategy course. And we just got a new Social Media Fundamentals course up and running, wish I could do it but it’s on the same night! Maybe next year :)

What else.. I’m looking into Aurasmas at the moment, that will be my next blog I think! Right into all the digital stuff at the moment. Looks like I may be heading down that path, after all I am a massive nerd (self confessed!).

Have also been writing/sketching lots in my little black book. More paintings to come, have so many blank canvases. Fun times geeking it up!

M. x

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