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Google goggles are here! Watch video of the mind-boggling techno-glasses which layer Maps, email and web searches OVER your view of the world.

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Google has taken the wraps off the terminator style techno-glasses which add emails, Google searches and even directions over your view of the world.

The glasses – still in testing stages – were unveiled via a Google Plus page, Project Glass, are voice-controlled, and offer GPS directions as well as email and video chat paired with Augmented Reality through a built-in screen directly in front of a user’s eyes.

The glasses are a product of Google’s ‘Google X’ blue-sky ideas lab – and the search giant is looking for ideas to improve them. With over 500 comments so far, the crowd sourced modification ideas and feedback is still rolling in. Some are saying it is intrusive, stupid and creepy, but personally, I think this is insanely cool!


While the photos show what the device looks like, the video shows what it could potentially display, including Google Maps and turn-by-turn directions as you’re walking. The hypothetical user in the video tours a book store, asking the device where the music section is and to remind him to buy concert tickets (Siri, anyone?). The glasses could also allow the user to check in at various locations and serve as a meeting reminder. At one point in the video the user says, “Music, stop” to pause an MP3 player before taking a video call.

But, so far, this is all still Google’s vision. The company indicates that it is extremely unlikely the glasses will be sold before the end of the year.

Will be interesting to see where these developments end up! Exciting stuff!

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