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Google sightseeing

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Aliens have been trying to communicate with us puny humans for years now, usually via the confusing medium of drawing circles in Britain’s fields. But a recent trend shows them branching out into more direct forms of communication with actual words being carved into our crops. Of course they haven’t fully developed a grasp of our primitive languages, as seen in this example of childishly rude crop writing just beside Edinburgh Airport.

What, oh mighty alien lifeforms, are you trying to tell us?!

(click for google sightseeing)

And another..
This gigantic image of the KFC Colonel was constructed from 65,000 1-foot-square tiles laid out in the Mojave desert. The ad took six days to construct, and was announced to the public almost exactly a year ago, however the images were not available on the Google Earth until now.

As part of the publicity stunt it was widely claimed that this was “the first logo to be visible from space”.. But it really depends on how you define “visible” and “space”.

Also.. Fucking, Austria?

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