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Mobeam: Point of sale barcode scanners to read coupons and loyalty cards direct from the Samsung Galaxy S4

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Here is an amazing idea that will be a sure game changer for the retail market. This is huge news for my big FMCG client so will be keeping a close eye on this one! Exciting stuff!

Mobeam is a new technology that enables point-of-sale barcode scanners to read coupons, loyalty cards, and other items directly from a smartphone. It sends pulses of light to the scanner’s sensor and mimics the black and white sequencing of a standard barcode.

The technology would enable retailers to send digital coupons and gift cards online and allow smartphone users to bring them up directly on their device, eliminating the need to carry physical papers with barcoded vouchers.

Mobeam has announced that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone will be the world’s first mobile device to integrate its technology so it can beam traditional barcodes. The S4 will be able to engage in mobile commerce at millions of locations worldwide without requiring retailers to make changes to their existing point-of-sale systems!

Mobeam’s CEO, Chris Sellers, said: Mobeam’s vision is simple: to make mobile commerce work with existing point of sale technology. Making cutting-edge smartphones work with barcodes might not sound sexy, but it means consumers now have the ability to beam items such as coupons, loyalty cards, gift cards and event tickets at millions of locations – something that was previously impossible. Barcodes are universal and won’t be replaced anytime soon, meaning retailers don’t need to upgrade their POS systems. The mobile industry now has a commerce technology that can work everywhere, and the world will see it first on the Samsung Galaxy S4.


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