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Innovation@Google – Youngbloods event 16 Feb

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Another Digital/Tech chat I went to in February at Google HQ in Sydney. “Innovation @ Google” thanks to Youngbloods NSW.

Bob Forster was our presenter – and he was awesome! Really enjoyed this, learnt so much and loved every second of it!!

Enjoy! M. x

– Photo recognition – drag and drop from Picasa to google and it will recognize a mountain in the background and tell you where in the world you are
– Google maps – indoor maps. E.g. IKEA, Airports, Casinos, Google lounge room, inside buildings. On android devices. Where does security come into all this?
– Google creative labs in NY
– Crowd sourcing ideas – Johnny cash project, fans made the artwork, frames of the video, interviews (via hangout) from fans, and their frame number. 300,000 people submitted frames. Technology enabling group creativity in one space.


– Google hangouts – black eyed peas backstage hangout to launch the first live hangout


– Google embrace how users deal with their technologies. They aren’t always going to use the technologies how they expected them to, so they shift and build their products based on what users do.
– Google translator – beatbox


– Telecommunications salesperson – live shop launch, by three Sweden (not bound by global heads). Drag and drop screen on top of a video call. Built in flash, designed it all themselves. Users waited 60 minutes to be sold to. Think mortgages, make the complicated approached simplified by the web, and face to face interaction.


– The web is a mirror of society and what happens socially across the globe. Google insights for picking trends. Friday night, they search for vodka, Saturday morning they search for hangover cure.
Google correlate – Type in daycare, and it will show words that will be searched with it. E.g. Seek – searching for jobs. Searches for real time insights. Sydney rainfall link from BOM, picked up the data, and picked that it washy deny rainfall, and related to Warrengara dam promotional video. Collating all their tools to one place.
– Watch the making of the Volkswagen ad
– Chevy 2011 ad, blonde and red head, could have done so much more off the back of the TVC.. What happened to the blonde? What happened to the red head? It had gamification written all over it. Hours of uninterrupted brand engagement.
– A decade a day of YouTube video a day.. – TED for creative agencies, also TED ads / ideas worth spreading 
– On video – the size of the screen doesn’t matter. Desktop and mobile don’t have too many differences. High mobile usage: first thing in the morning, lunch, browsing in the bedroom, late at night? All higher on mobile.
– At the end of 2011, 52% of Australians had a smartphone
– In two years, mobile browsers will outnumber desktop browsers
– 1 in 4 searches done on an android platform are done in search. Android searches, like Siri. Example of voice recognition: Brazilian guy with a strong accent, talked with Siri for a week and it learnt to understand his voice, and could voice-to-text a whole email.
– text and walk app – very popular! 3.8 million texting related injuries in the UK each year

– Data storage is rising so fast with latest fibre optics – Pedabytes, Zetabytes, once you get that far they run out of names, numbers don’t go that high. Naming convention in America to come up with new names for bigger numbers. Hellabytes.
– Vector points on Google maps – Commbank property guide app. 
– Tesco grocery app – barcode scanner. Tied offline trucks to match the app release – “freshly clicked” 
– Chrome on your android device, 3 years in development – finally released
– Kaggle, data science in bondi. Great business model, win $3m
– Don’t wait for best practice in mobile, in 5 months when they exist, it will be old and behind the times
– Google latitude – spy on your wife. Opt in to GPS.
– NFC case – buy from china for 2c a pop

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