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Intel’s new Facial Recognition software and what it means for advertisers

7 years ago, Written by , Posted in Uncategorized

Imagine sitting in your lounge room with your boyfriend/girlfriend, bored and watching TV – when an ad comes on and strikes a chord with you – maybe a holiday package for couples. Imagine being served these kind of ads every time you watch TV. Ads that are actually relevant to you.. and you never have to view another Huggies or Australian Pensioner’s Insurance Agency ad again!

Intel Lab’s have just released a prototype Facial Recognition software which allows advertisers to target ads based on gender, age, kids/no kids, partnered/alone and mood.

These new developments from Intel Labs show us that this kind of targeted advertising is not all that far away! Excitement on the ad front. Never a dull moment, really. :)

M. x

[The video below shows us exact facial recognition, which is an amazing possibility and huge investment for any MMPORG! The nerd in me just got crazy excited.]


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