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Kinect changing filmmaking – using 3D data

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Using Kinect and a DSLR camera to reimagine filmmaking.

These guys have created a technique that lets you map video from the camera onto 3D data from the Kinect gaming console to generate a CGI and video hybrid.

The guys behind this creation, Jonathan Manard and James George from RGB+D have recently released a preview of the experimental film, Clouds, which uses this technique. They call it a ‘computational documentary’ and features hackers and media artists talking about code, culture and the future of visualisation.

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

“This footage is rendered in a 3D environment, you have to look at it from some perspective. You can browse anywhere in it, you can see the edges of it, or the camera angle can change even though the camera is pretty static. There’s a lot of room to play – it’s an experimentation, there’s no cinematic language to describe this that has evolved yet.”

“in theory, you could build the whole universe inside your computer, we just don’t have enough power. In theory, you could.”

Watch the preview video – what a spin out!!┬áLoving where this is going… It’s fascinating!!

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