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‘Like’ Stuff On Facebook By Thrusting Your Hips!

Do you ever find yourself thinking that you enjoy liking things on Facebook but that there’s just not enough fun in the whole process? Fear not, the answer is here and it comes in the shape of the LikeBelt. This is a new piece of technology developed by deeplocal that allows you to show your appreciation on Facebook by interacting with people and things in a very real way. Thrust a suggestive hip in their direction while you’re wearing the LikeBelt, and it will register on Facebook, where you will have ‘liked’ them.

Walking down the street just got a whole lot more interesting.

Watch the ‘making of’ and how to make your own!

How it works

The good news is that it if you just can’t wait to press up against some stuff to show you like it, then if you really want, you can build your very own LikeBelt relatively easily. As the makers explain, all you need is An NFC-enabled Android phone, An RFID Tag and A Belt. The belt then works by attaching the phone leads to the belt antenna (full instructions here).

Right now this is just a bit of fun for deeplocal, but we see good things coming here. Imagine Zuckerberg’s puppy wearing a LikeCollar to show us what he Likes throughout the day? How would we ever get anything done again?

Source: Simply Zesty

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