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Name change for charity

10 years ago, Written by , Posted in Uncategorized

Every year, the Perth Advertising and Design Club (PADC) holds a big gathering called ‘The Festival of Ideas’ on Rottnest Island for Creative-minded people to attend Seminars and workshops run by the Industry’s finest. All this in one weekend, along with plenty of socialising, The Festival of Ideas has always proved to be well worth the money and effort.

I learnt so much, it was so insightful! Unfortunately I left all the notes I took in the meeting room and never saw them again :( Although I do remember one cool idea one of the young guys had..
Name Change for Charity!
He was raising money for a charity that I don’t remember to legally change his name to Optimus Prime. I thought it was gold. He raised just over $2000!
Can’t wait for this year!
(…errrgh.. I’d better start saving.)

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