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Nerd from way back

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A realisation from last night’s AdSchool’s Digital Strategy class, discussing online gaming… I am a massive nerd! I had a think about what age I started playing online games..

Neopets: Age 9
This obsession probably lasted 3 years. Essentially, you looked after your ‘neopet’ by feeding it, shopping for it and battling other pets to earn badges and the likes. There were online communities inside this site called ‘guilds’ or communities. This was the beginning for me in learning HTML and CSS to alter the guild pages, and naturally went on to creating websites to share layouts, and creating cute GIF images etc. My guild (I think it was called ‘Rainbow’ hahah!) had 350 members. I don’t remember having to pay for anything on this game, but I’m sure they had something.

Habbo Hotel: Age 11.
This was introduced to me I guess when I started getting a little bit old and bored of Neopets. The aim for this one, was having ‘rooms’ in a hotel, and acquiring furniture (you have to pay in credits, which are bought online) to deck it out. You would walk around as a little pixelated avatar and chat, dance, dive of diving boards.. I played it every now and then into to early high school with a couple of my best friends. In the end it just turned out to be an online rampage just for shits and giggles!

World of Warcraft: Age 15.
This is hilarious. I still can’t believe I played this game for so long! It must have been a few years, thanks to my ex-boyfriend who sucked me into it! Anyway, I ended up loving it and was addicted. This is more of a fantasy game where you choose a side (good or bad) and battle people and animals and stuff, acquire things to make you fight better and look cooler, level up and join clans/guilds. I still love this game! haha. Did I mention you have to pay a monthly subscription fee or like $35?! And people have sold their accounts online with all their acquired gear and experience for thousands of dollars?!

I suppose after that came Farmville. But that was to get me through the day of a very boring job. And that didn’t last too long.

Me = self confessed nerd
There is a lot of money making in online gaming, also huge advertising potential to a highly engaged audience.

Haha, oh the flashbacks!

M. x

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