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One of those “I wish I came up with that idea” moments.

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Bought to you by Naked Communications.


Naked Communciations, Australia

“We all have those moments where we wish we could change the news, to give every sad story about extreme poverty a happy ending. Hardly any of us have considered that this could actually be possible.

In partnership with MSN or another major news provider, we’ll create the Act Button. A button that punctuates the end of every sad, extreme-poverty related news story online with a compelling call-to-action: Don’t like what youre reading? Act.

When people click the Act button, they’ll be directed to a new section of the news publishers site. Here, they’ll be encouraged to share news about initiatives, policies, programs and potential investment opportunities that could play a role in changing the outcome of the story they have just finished reading about.

By streamlining the research process, users will be able to share positive solutions to extreme poverty stories more frequently through their personal social graphs; individuals will finally be empowered to change the news through education.”

Via Mumbrella

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