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Participation Branding/Social Media workshop notes

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This was from July last year, but had this in Evernote, along with a bunch of other course and workshop notes I’ve been taking, so I thought I might share them rather than keep them locked away, rotting in Evernote for eternity.

Hope they are of some use for someone out there. :)

M. x

Above the line = brand
Below the line = behaviour/relationship development

Matching luggage = through the line integration
Big idea must be media neutral

Creative teams need to be able to think of an idea that works across all platforms, not just traditional TV & Radio

Participation branding
“What we lose in control, we gain in brand engagement”

Content on demand

Personal content —> Niches of the longtail

Encouraging, not controlling online conversation

Negative comment said by consumer online – company pauses, first action is to plan the response and check with management and stakeholders, also to see if a brand advocate sticks up for the company, or if other people agree with the negative comment.

“Viral is not a brief, it’s a bonus”
“A commitment, not a campaign”

3 C’s – Content, communication, conversation
Bough + owned = earned

Prequel video ads on ninemsn etc, selector before = 25% abandon website
with selector = 10% abandon website

Community Managers – own role. Not client or agency, journalists can do though. New role within an agency.

Internal social communication sites
– Yammer
– Social Text
– Social Cast
– Social Mention

Check your brand positioning stands for something meaningful.

Facebook plugins/social plugins on sites – comment/like on page without leaving site, live twitter feed. Facebook advertising – can measure demographics without paying

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