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Phonebloks – upgradable phone parts made from blocks

5 years ago, Written by , Posted in Uncategorized

What an awesome idea – when these come out, I’m getting one!

Here’s how Motorola are doing this now with Project Ara.. Via Gizmodo:

The folks at Phonebloks put together a little thank-you video this morning, and with it, gave us a sneak peek at how Motorola’s new modular Project Ara phone would clip together.

Sure, Ara doesn’t look like much as just a baseplate…

…but then the screen, front-facing camera and speaker get clipped on.

The Ara is then flipped to reveal the clips on the rear

…and then all the memory, CPU, camera and storage modules are clipped on.

Quite a fetching-looking Frankenphone!

…from all angles.

The name ‘Ara’ is a weird combination of the words hardware and software…

Amazing stuff!

M. x

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