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Robotic arm + Facebook connect = all kinds of awesome

6 years ago, Written by , Posted in Uncategorized

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I just love this! Okay, so you remember these arcade coin games?

WELL! Intel have created this awesome engagement piece based around this coin machine concept. But with the use of robotics.. Because who doesn’t love robotics?!

Users can connect via Facebook, and be bought into a live streaming environment where a sweet ass robotic arm spells out their name with blocks (share to get an extra block of course!). Users are placed in a queue to push the prize to the end of the dispenser.

Anywho, check it out at

Vodafone Power Piñata

Another similar execution that springs to mind is the Vodafone Power Piñata a few years back, where a robotic arm smashes a piñata with different weapons unlocked each day.

Ariel Fashion Shoot

Here’s another great one for Ariel stain removal, where users can connect via Facebook and onlookers can watch the product demo taking place as they walk through Central station in Stockholm.

Loving these experiential/socially interactive tie ins!

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