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Robotics + Social + Incentive = Win.

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Well, I’ve always been a huge fan of this combination, and anything to do with robotics, really, so I thought I’d share a couple that I think have done really well for themselves (in a purely tactical sense at least!) :)

Auckland City Mission

Text messaging service + live stream + donation.

Not sure how this went down without the competition element, but still a cool idea. Not bad for 2010.

“A mammoth, two-tonne block of ice. Four high security safes holding $40,000 in total. Three state of the art robots shooting fire, water and steam in the hope of breaking through. An undisclosed warehouse location.

It sounds like all the ingredients for an action film — but it’s a symbol of the action that is needed to help those living in poverty.

By sending a $3 text with the word ‘FIRE’, ‘WATER’ or ‘STEAM’ and your initials to 305, the robots will spring to life — breaking through the ice to the four safes inside.

Because winter weather makes poverty even harder, the Auckland City Mission and ASB have joined forces to create a dramatic representation of winter’s effect on struggling families — raising money to help them in the process.

“For families on low incomes, winter is even more difficult,” says Diane Robertson, City Missioner. “It’s harder to keep warm, harder to dry clothes and bedding, harder to keep healthy; and harder to keep expenses down.”

So ASB staff have chosen to kindly donate $40,000 to the Auckland City Mission. But there’s a catch — it’s encased in a huge block of ice. In order to free the money so it can be used to help Auckland families in need, the Mission is asking for the public’s help. Three state of the art, text activated robots will take up their positions around the ice, ready to spray hot water, shoot flames and blast steam — getting the City Mission team closer and closer to the ASB donation.”

Domino’s Meltdown


Tweeting + live stream + prize

Pizza chain Domino’s in the UK caused a storm on Twitter in early February with a real-time competition and a tasty prize. On 5 February, the official Domino’s UK Twitter account tweeted ‘Tomorrow. Win FREE pizza for a year. That’s all we’re saying for now. Oh except for #DominosMeltdown’

The following day the company announced via Twitter that the competition had kicked off, asking people to tweet the #DominosMeltdown hashtag. The tweet also linked to a live video stream on YouTube showing an ice sculpture of a Domino’s delivery man holding a real pizza box.

Results: Domino’s reports that over 12,000 people took part in the campaign on twitter, with approximately 2,000 tweets posted every hour – c. 33 per minute.

The average dwell time on the YouTube live steam was 12 minutes. #DominosMeltdown was the top trending topic in the UK.

Not bad!

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