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Social Media Fundamental learnings

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Week 1
Facebook is not only the largest social media platform in the world, it’s the most targetable. Play book – case studies of strategies that have been used all around the world

Alison – CEO of quiip

Facebook pages, blogs, twitter are tools and platforms, not communities. Community management is the discipline of ensuring productive communities. 

Social graph – Facebook connect, the evolution of Facebook, pulling personal data in order to target certain demographics.

Search function on Facebook page is hopeless – noone goes to a Facebook page and searches for the question they are wanting to ask.

Thank them all the time! Build positive brand sentiment. If you have to apologize for anything, do it in a comment not in a Facebook update, stats have shown the problem got worse when done in an update, people reading it who didn’t need to and weren’t involved.

Report on community sentiment – insights data, reviewing the page and using templates based on demographics and sentiment. No program can measure sentiment – only a human can do this.

Risk mitigation for users. Negative experience, suicide risk, self harm, duty of care, profanity. Legal risk. Breach of terms and condition, cyber bullying, copyright, discrimination. Risks of reputation.  

Processes for Community Managers
– Develop policies and guidelines
– Escalation procedures
– Internal guidelines
– Dedicated CM resource including after hours – most important
– Social moderation frameworks/response matrix, what do to in each situation, how to respond
– Key stakeholder framework – escalation policy – (crisis management plan) internal document that dictates who to go to if a certain thing is said – key contacts and emergency contacts

It’s everything we have been doing before, just in a different area. Learnt so much through forums, can be applied to everything else.

Paid, owned and earned. Nothing more than a media framework 
Paid = advertising 
Owned = channels the brand owns and has control over
Earned (or organic) = consumers talking for or about the brand
Paid + owned = earned

Action = Amplification.  Amplification is consumers spreading branded content on the web. Valuable or exclusive content travels fast and far on the web. But not as fast and far as bad content.


Week 2
Christie poulos, ex red bull content manager, now runs Jumpshot 

Video is social! 
Fango – sport yahoo app that syncs your iPad with twitter and listen to the show and tells you what your watching

SEM – Google likes to favour video. Tag using key words to get a better search ranking.

YouTube video analyst – TED two days old.

The average consumer about 0.2s when deciding to engage – stats from the US last year. Don’t make consumers think, make them act. Ask them a question, leave it open ended. E.g. Do you like the colour red? Yes or no?

Tone – RRR rule – guard rails so that the content is engagingn – Real, relevant, relaxed. Talk to consumers as you would catching up with a friend in a pub

Edge rank – Facebook determines why you see based on what you looked at recently

Shoe box project – Encouraging people to go into their shoebox of photos an upload baby photos onto their timeline.

Timeline for brands – brand story! E.g. Timeline for taronga zoo back to 1918

Twitter is an influencer platform

Ask yourself, why are consumers following you? Weight watchers – weight loss tips

iGoogle – rss feeds syncs with gmail

Content creation – percolator, invite only

Engagement tactics – Supre example 
– Like updates – click like if you love fashion!
– One word – how would you describe this skirt?
– One or the other
– Left or right, image split


Week 3
Facebook reach generator only available to customers who will spend $10k or more.

Combination of like, comment on an update rather than a page in the sponsored story

Target consumers as an individual, rather than a demographic. Think about who the person actually is, what they are into, what music they like. Advertise in a way that won’t freak them out, if it’s too specific, though, they probably will. Faces are more trusted in a sponsored story, same sort of psychology.

Make the copy short and use key words that are included in the target parameters/tags/key words. Will speak to them more directly.

CPA (cost per acquisition) = like on a page. Industry average is $1.70

Staggered approach, recommend cyclical period of on for 3 days, off for 5 days. Increase overall ROI. Focus on ads with a high CTR, optimise ads based on analytics.

JD presents on Stream – conference in Thailand

Media agencies are outsmarting the ad agencies, particularly out of Asia, they are adapting to new channels much quicker.

Outdoor – move – measures reach and frequency

Media agencies now offer the experiential and activation service within the agency. Packaged within brand experience.

Clients are now only buying on outcomes, e.g. CPA, CPC etc

Performance media is buying on outcomes – third party auditing to ensure media and creative agencies are working in line with approved outcomes

Week 4 
XYZ networks

– The obvious no longer applies. Brand synergy.
– Not nice to have, but a must have
– Be clear in understanding who you are
– Don’t sell. Start a conversation
– Be relevant and honest- your clothes are off in public now
– Keep communication consistent
– Don’t post more than 3 times a day. Make the trend your friend.


Chris Gross, Vodafone

Power piñata – Mini event – huge buzz and works well, high engagement – choosing weapons. People figuring something out drives volume. E.g. Secret keyboard shortcuts. No competition or prize – recognition is far better than reward.

Social brand vs social business

Social brand is what you do from the start – being quick in the space and being able to build the space. Silo yourself and start to work in that silo to the rest of the business. Social is internal and external collaboration. Teaching the business how to fish.

Buddy media – speak to vendors and learn the most
Lithium – forum technology
Twelpforce – coolest sh*t ever.  

Always take social back to real life experiences. Emotional and rational states.

Geo is on the up, Facebook places

Don’t be perfect, admit faults

Nike has amazing content, so does tourism australia.

Mechanical Turk – micro task to groups of people and pays them

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