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  • Google going all out on the wearable tech!

    Want! via Mashable

  • The Artvertiser – an Augmented Reality project

    Or as I like to call it, the anti-advertiser for ad-packed spaces. This is a software platform that replaces ads with art in real time, although they consider what they do improving reality, it is still augmented reality. Although first started in 2008 this company continues to grow as does the market for augmented reality, this is a fairly new, exciting way of advertising. A bit glitchy in the video but will only get better with time! Currently an app for Android, have to check out Sydney and see if there’s any art live. M. x

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    The State of Mobile 2013

    Interesting and eye opening infographic. Some points I found interesting… “By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on earth than people” “The average age for the first mobile phone is 13” Android is still on the rise with the fastest growing ‘top mobile operating systems’ and ‘browsers’ growth charts, however Apple smartphone users report the highest satisfaction rating. 80% of mobile time is spent through apps. The average consumer actively uses 6.5 apps in a month. Mobile web adoption is growing 8x faster than web adoption did in the 90’s and early 00’s. 57% of users say […]

  • Turn an old game boy into a gamepad for your Android Gotta get me one of these bad boys! Amazing! M. x

  • Adidas and Google – Advertising reimagined

    Check out this talking shoe that broadcasts updates online based on your movement using a small computer, accelerometer, pressure sensor, a gyroscope and bluetooth to your Android. Not the greatest use of social but definitely onto something good here! M. x

  • on{x} – automate your life.

    This is a great new developer’s platform that has just been released for anyone with an Android. Basically, you can program your own phone to answer your specific needs using ‘rules’ which are kind of like user-friendly Javascript coding, and can then share the ‘rules’ as a ‘recipe’ on the on{x} forum to see how others are programming their androids in different ways. Take a look at the video – such a great concept. [youtube] To me, this is the main reason why Android will overtake iPhones – it all comes down to personalisation, and with platforms like o{x} […]

  • [vimeo 35375509 w=500 h=375] ‘Like’ Stuff On Facebook By Thrusting Your Hips! Do you ever find yourself thinking that you enjoy liking things on Facebook but that there’s just not enough fun in the whole process? Fear not, the answer is here and it comes in the shape of the LikeBelt. This is a new piece of technology developed by deeplocal that allows you to show your appreciation on Facebook by interacting with people and things in a very real way. Thrust a suggestive hip in their direction while you’re wearing the LikeBelt, and it will register on Facebook, where […]