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  • Meet Gboard – Google Keyboard

    Finally, a useful keyboard! No more app switching—just search and send restaurant info, GIFs, emojis & more, right from your keyboard. Shame for us Android users that it’s only on iOS. Hanging out for it!

  • Vespa Magazine Augmented Reality

    Have seen quite a few of these, but this is definitely the smoothest, most seamless execution I’ve seen so far!  

  • spritz-1

    Spritz and Spreed – Speed reading for online and offline

    The reading game is about to change forever. Boston-based software developer Spritz has been in “stealth mode” for three years, tinkering with their program and leasing it out to different ebooks, apps, and other platforms. Now, Spritz is about to go public with Samsung’s new line of wearable technology. Other apps have offered up similar types of rapid serial visual presentation to enhance reading speed and convenience on desktop/tablet and mobile devices in the past. (I use Chrome app “Spreed” on my mac which allows you to speed read the web by selecting text and right clicking to siphon the […]

  • The Artvertiser – an Augmented Reality project

    Or as I like to call it, the anti-advertiser for ad-packed spaces. This is a software platform that replaces ads with art in real time, although they consider what they do improving reality, it is still augmented reality. Although first started in 2008 this company continues to grow as does the market for augmented reality, this is a fairly new, exciting way of advertising. A bit glitchy in the video but will only get better with time! Currently an app for Android, have to check out Sydney and see if there’s any art live. M. x

  • IMG_2806-9

    Commbank Kaching for Facebook

    Just launched a Facebook connected banking app! Trailing behind NZ with this but still it has some pretty impressive features: Pay your Facebook friends without having to ask for their bank account details; Pay to a Facebook Event; Pay anyone, all you need is their mobile number or email address; Request a payment from your more forgetful friends; and Keep track of who you’ve paid, and what you’re owed, all in one place. Pretty nice! M. x

  • Red Bull Playgrounds – Social Discovery App

    [youtube] A great owned media platform kicking off in Canada and Spain in beta. This great app allows users to connect around extreme sports and nightlife including seeing Red Bull althetes favourite spots and discover pubs/clubs with the most cred within the Red Bull community. Look forward to seeing how this one pans out! M. x

  • An app that turns any surface into a keyboard

    [vimeo w=400&h=300] You’d probably get sore fingers after a while but a very cool adaptation nonetheless! Read more M. x

  • Apple Donation Box

    Great idea coming out of Miami Ad School – drag to donate your pre-loved paid apps into the Apple Donation Box and Apple will donate to charity on your behalf. M. x

  • My Audi Tracker

    Here’s a great website/app for customers to track their personalised Audi, called MyAudi Tracker. It’s a great way of building suspense to delivery day and giving you content you can enjoy and share, bringing you closer to the brand, pre-delivery! M. x

  • Is this the world’s most interactive print ad?


  • Utility: Which feature and apps hold the strongest appeal around the world?

    Compare countries app usage with this awesome site: M. x

  • Shazam: making TV more social

    Shazam: making TV more social

  • Geo-fencing: Set auto-alerts based on your GPS location (updated Find My Friends app)

    Geo-fencing: Set auto-alerts based on your GPS location (updated Find My Friends app)

  • [vimeo 43886541 w=500 h=375] Wirelessly login to all your social networks with Ford Keyfree app! Very cool. Via: Digital Buzz (Source:

  • [vimeo 40117938 w=500 h=375] Seamlessy transfer files in between spatially aware devices with the flick of a finger. Beautiful. “Designer Ishac Bertran has come up with an elegant idea for spatially aware devices with a user interface that allows media to be transferred seamlessly from one device to another. A user would simply hold up their mobile device to their computer, creating a visual link that appears as a circle across both screens to show they’re connected, and then transfer content by dragging and dropping it.” Source: PSFK (Source:

  • [youtube] iPad games for cats by Friskies – hilarious!! (Source:

  • Cadbury’s world first Augmented Reality gaming app!

  • )

    MINI Getaway – Stockholm – GPS based game

     (2010) Awesome GPS Based game to promote the new MINI Countryman. For seven days, everybody with an iPhone was invited to hunt and catch a virtual MINI in the city of Stockholm. The iPhone app showed users the location of the virtual MINI, all other players and their own location. Those who got closer than 50 metres to the virtual MINI could “take it” with their iPhone before getting away from the opposition. The person with the virtual MINI in their iPhone when the game finished won a real MINI Countryman. The Getaway Stockholm campaign won a Gold Cyber Lion, […]

  • twistori01


    I found this site while scouring through twitter today, it’s so similar to what I just wrote about (Dream on) but in real time! Love the layout, the idea is awesome, and you can download the mac screensaver. (Haven’t tried it yet, as I’m back to a boring PC) Onto a mac again when I get back from my trip to Melbourne in 2 weeks straight into my new job at John Cheese Post Production! Can’t wait :D pro tip: click two or more simultaneously to stream that amount one after the other.