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  • Nike ‘Reuse-A-Shoe’

    Nike’s take on promoting sustainability with their ‘Reuse-A-Shoe’ initiative. Thanks Brooke for the share! M. x

  • Some clients just need to understand…

    … that this kind of stuff WORKS! Oreo’s Super Important Test is an online test, to see which is better, the White Stuff of the Cookie? One of these 34 videos will be shown when you chose. Nice find, Fitz! M. x *update*  the site is no longer running, but here’s a mix up of all the hilarious ‘success’ videos!

  • Back to basics: Weed Killer product packaging for the domesticated man

    While he might help out with the washing, change nappies and cry during The Notebook, in his mind he’s still all bad-ass action. Check out the case study vid, it’s hilarious. Just goes to show, again, that consumers really appreciate brands who don’t take themselves too seriously. View video M. x

  • Heineken invites you to design the future limited edition bottle

    Things that are great about this campaign: Crowdsourced design Users can browse the Heineken library for downloadable historical assets which has an instagram-style interface as well as being able to sort and filter by colour swatch, year and featured object A nice interface which allows users to design their bottles as well as showcasing other designs using HTML and WebGL Users share their design as part of the entry mechanic …All within a Facebook app! Check it out at M. x (Source:

  • Pepsi Litre of Light

    [youtube] What a fantastic initiative.

  • Carlton Mid Carp Buster – Help Save Burrendong Dam

    Here’s a great tie in from Carlton Mid Beer to help the environment and the local community. They’ve incentivised fishing in the Burrendong Dam to catch Carp which are considered pests and damaging the natural ecosystem. They have tagged one Carp and named him The Duke of Burrendong, which, when caught will earn the catcher a $10,000+ cash prize. Tieing in with the competition, Carlton are giving $1 off 6 packs for people than can show their carp at any participating retailers.  It’s quite a local campaign, but very PR-able and on brand for a Victorian Brew: M. x

  • Bombay Sapphire packaging lights up when touched!

    Design consultancy Webb deVlam and packaging manufacturer Karl Knauer have created a special Global Travel Retail pack for Bombay Sapphire, with an illustration by Yehrin Tong that lights up whenever someone touches it. Design Week reports that the illustration was produced in electroluminescent ink, and a battery is hidden in the bottom of the packaging. When you pick it up off the shelf, a hidden mechanical switch triggers the electric current. This runs through different paths at different times to create the visual effect, which lasts for 18 seconds before stopping until its activated again. Very swish! M. x

  • Absolut Unique

    [youtube] I just LOVE this!!

  • Creative Process class notes

    – surround yourself with creative goodness – no trashy TV and magazines – do different things and get inspired Account directors should have a reel of portfolios! Using research to create strategy. Research = starting point for all strategy The brief contains all the info needed to solve the marketing problem used as a reference to judge the final concepts. Debate all views up front before starting on creative. This strengthens brief and streamlines the creative process. Single mindedness = one message. Single minded brief leads to a single minded ad. More than one idea being communicated? create a campaign. The […]

  • Participation Branding/Social Media workshop notes

    This was from July last year, but had this in Evernote, along with a bunch of other course and workshop notes I’ve been taking, so I thought I might share them rather than keep them locked away, rotting in Evernote for eternity. Hope they are of some use for someone out there. :) M. x — Above the line = brand Below the line = behaviour/relationship development Matching luggage = through the line integration Big idea must be media neutral Creative teams need to be able to think of an idea that works across all platforms, not just traditional TV […]

  • Sharing is caring.. Personalised packaging

    We all know the new Coke campaign in Australia. Facebook group: Accepting the fact that your name is never going to be on a Coke bottle.  And a new one from Heinz – get well soon soup. Alright, who else is going to jump on the bandwagon then? :) M. x

  • Brandkarma

    “Publicis Mojo’s Australian Chief Creative Officer Craig Davis is out to help everyone make better brand choices and influence brand behavior for good”. “My issue with Brandkarma is not what it’s nobly trying to achieve, but simply this: 99.9% of consumers, the regular mums, dads and kids out there, couldn’t care less about contributing to sites like Brandkarma. As usual, the committed – from genuinely interested to zealots on a mission – will dominate and sway the findings accordingly. For instance, I reckon 90% of Australians don’t have any problems with Nestle – but according to BK they obviously do.” […]

  • Old spice.. The man your man could smell like

    Absolutely Gold!!!

  • Dear Mr President By Pepsi

    Dear Mr. President.. You have something to say to the President of the United States? Then you can upload your video to Dear Mr. President, a ‘seemingly nice’ action coming from Pepsi and R/GA. Consumers pushing content back to the advertiser “What does this mean for online video? Well, it means that banner advertising has done what cable did when it went digital, it became a two-way communication avenue. Not only can content be pushed to viewers as it has been doing for years, but now it also allows the consumer, the viewers, to push content back. It allows for […]

  • paul-arden1

    The beginning for Kodak

    I’ve been sifting through a load of old print ads today, many dating back from the 1850’s! Some are hilarious, the copy they used is priceless.. one of my favourites for Palmolive Soap: “Palmolive’s Beauty Plan brings exciting complexion loveliness” … What the! Also, Lose weight with Aids!? Gold! Haha anyway, I came across a whole load of them for Kodak… …which reminded me of a page in one of Paul Arden‘s books.. I read both of his bestselling paperbacks, “Whatever you think, think the opposite”, and “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be”. […]