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  • The Bottled Water Debacle

    I was about to post on a product I stumbled across called ThankYou Bottled Water, which, in a nutshell is paired with an app called ‘Track your impact’ – By buying a bottle of ThankYou water, your $1 contribution will go directly towards to the fresh drinking water projects developing countries. All you need to do is download the app and punch in the unique barcode from your bottle to see exactly where your $1 (indirect) donation will go towards. [youtube] I thought it was a pretty nifty idea, until I shared it with my colleague who then swayed me otherwise, […]

  • History Tag + your brand = A trusted brand story

    Okay, so one last blog post while I finish my wine. A friend of mine recently told me about this thing called History Tag, which I thought was worth posting about, purely because of the opportunity in this seemingly unused/undiscovered product. (looks like a startup!) So, in a nutshell, History Tag records the logged history of NFC chipped items so you can see how they’ve been made, where they’ve come from and how they got to you. One client that History Tag has been working with is Hiut Denim jeans. Have a read. All you do is get the ‘special code’ […]

  • Intel’s new Facial Recognition software and what it means for advertisers

    Imagine sitting in your lounge room with your boyfriend/girlfriend, bored and watching TV – when an ad comes on and strikes a chord with you – maybe a holiday package for couples. Imagine being served these kind of ads every time you watch TV. Ads that are actually relevant to you.. and you never have to view another Huggies or Australian Pensioner’s Insurance Agency ad again! Intel Lab’s have just released a prototype Facial Recognition software which allows advertisers to target ads based on gender, age, kids/no kids, partnered/alone and mood. These new developments from Intel Labs show us that […]

  • Nike+ and Fuel Fest

    Nike taps into the age old instinct of competition to launch its Fuelband in Europe Lucky invitees, including competition winners, the most active athletes from Nike events this year, and Contagious, went to Battersea Power Station on 8th July. All attendees were sporting FuelBands – the brand’s Titanium Grand Prix winning product that tracks steps, calories and activity, calculating Fuel – Nike’s proprietary measurement. The audiences’ activity was fed back, as they watched performances by Tinie Tempah, DJ Zane Lowe and Magnetic Man. The amount of activity generated powered interactive projections on the outside of the venue – the more […]