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  • Heineken invites you to design the future limited edition bottle

    Things that are great about this campaign: Crowdsourced design Users can browse the Heineken library for downloadable historical assets which has an instagram-style interface as well as being able to sort and filter by colour swatch, year and featured object A nice interface which allows users to design their bottles as well as showcasing other designs using HTML and WebGL Users share their design as part of the entry mechanic …All within a Facebook app! Check it out at M. x (Source:

  • The Future of Retail Series

    This is a fantastic series of articles by PSFK which sheds light on what they believe is the future of retail based on current projects. Take a look: – See furniture in your home before you buy & again but with Augmented Reality – Fit with a click – see how items look via virtual change room and more – Sketchers: Offers rewards in exchange for customer review – Tesco: Offers double loyalty points if shared on Facebook – Fashion designer launches platform to crowdsource ideas Check out the series – they offer some awesome sneak peeks into the ways […]

  • This Exquisite Forest: Crowdsourcing an animated story, like the game of Chinese Whispers

    [youtube] This Exquisite Forest is an interactive digital project by Director, Chris Milk and Google Lab’s Aaron Koblin. Users can create their own animations added to a trail and in response to animations already submitted. These are then visualised as trees in a ‘forest’ of animations of stories.  Have a play with the website at M. x

  • Crowdsourcing Digital Ideas

    Online platform lets brands browse and buy crowd sourced digital ideas.