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    The right way to ask users for mobile permissions in mobile apps

    I’m working on the UX and structure for an exciting app at the moment, and I’ve learnt so much. It’s easy to get ‘tunnel vision’ when working on big projects for such a long period of time, so you have to constantly remind yourself to take a step back put yourself in the user’s shoes. During research, I came across this awesome article on how to win the trust of the user in order to gain permissions to enhance the app experience, and the different ways you can go about this. It covers permissions for contacts, photos, location and push notifications. Enjoy!

  • Digital Strategy Basics class notes

    Again, more notes from May last year. M. x User journey, telstra sushi plane, keeping momentum going over the whole timelineKeeping everyone engaged and involved, using different platforms and channels. Organic nature – webisodes/reality TV with HTC product placementOnline segments – FFF (friends fun fashion), WHPH (work hard play hard) etc.—Media stuffBlind buy = can choose demographic but given random sitesCPC (Cost Per Click) “click here”Direct response Blurtl, facebook appGoogle analytics to see what devices are viewing your siteLongtail – SEO Keywords, bidding via google  Mobile– bite sized info– cost effective– must be able to flip sideways – iphone vs. […]