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  • Phonebloks – upgradable phone parts made from blocks

    What an awesome idea – when these come out, I’m getting one! Here’s how Motorola are doing this now with Project Ara.. Via Gizmodo: The folks at Phonebloks put together a little thank-you video this morning, and with it, gave us a sneak peek at how Motorola’s new modular Project Ara phone would clip together. Sure, Ara doesn’t look like much as just a baseplate… …but then the screen, front-facing camera and speaker get clipped on. The Ara is then flipped to reveal the clips on the rear …and then all the memory, CPU, camera and storage modules are clipped on. Quite a fetching-looking […]

  • The Bottled Water Debacle

    I was about to post on a product I stumbled across called ThankYou Bottled Water, which, in a nutshell is paired with an app called ‘Track your impact’ – By buying a bottle of ThankYou water, your $1 contribution will go directly towards to the fresh drinking water projects developing countries. All you need to do is download the app and punch in the unique barcode from your bottle to see exactly where your $1 (indirect) donation will go towards. [youtube] I thought it was a pretty nifty idea, until I shared it with my colleague who then swayed me otherwise, […]

  • Pepsi Litre of Light

    [youtube] What a fantastic initiative.

  • Carlton Mid Carp Buster – Help Save Burrendong Dam

    Here’s a great tie in from Carlton Mid Beer to help the environment and the local community. They’ve incentivised fishing in the Burrendong Dam to catch Carp which are considered pests and damaging the natural ecosystem. They have tagged one Carp and named him The Duke of Burrendong, which, when caught will earn the catcher a $10,000+ cash prize. Tieing in with the competition, Carlton are giving $1 off 6 packs for people than can show their carp at any participating retailers.  It’s quite a local campaign, but very PR-able and on brand for a Victorian Brew: M. x

  • [youtube] Inhabitat builds an underground park in abandoned NYC subway – amazing stuff! (Source: