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  • Experiential content stunt: North Face store’s floor disappears, forcing shoppers to climb the walls to win!

  • How Topshop used Oculus Rift Virtual Reality earlier this year

  • New Samsung Galaxy S4 + Swisscom Experiential Contest

    While I sit here doting over my new Samsung Galaxy S4, I thought I might share a fun little experiential piece by Swisscom + Samsung. :) Find out how people in Zurich used their eyes to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 of their own. Its inbuilt Smart Pause function means the S4 knows when someone is looking at it. The longer the person stares at the screen, the bigger the discount is but if you lose eye contact with the screen, the game ends! An S4 was given away once eye contact was made for the full 60 minutes, despite […]

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    Robotic arm + Facebook connect = all kinds of awesome

    It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I just love this! Okay, so you remember these arcade coin games? WELL! Intel have created this awesome engagement piece based around this coin machine concept. But with the use of robotics.. Because who doesn’t love robotics?! Users can connect via Facebook, and be bought into a live streaming environment where a sweet ass robotic arm spells out their name with blocks (share to get an extra block of course!). Users are placed in a queue to push the prize to the end of the dispenser. Anywho, check it out at […]

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    15 Fantastic Experiential/Digital Campaigns

    via: Simply Zesty Facebook Face Recognition In Israel, Coca-Cola decided to combine Facebook and face recognition technology to create FaceLook. By setting up machines across a theme park, it gave visitors a way of logging into their Facebook account using only their face and allowing them to post status updates. Simple, and a great example of the real and virtual worlds blending together. C&A’s Facebook ‘Like’ Hangers When Brazilian fashion retailer C&A decided to make its hanger digital, it came up with a brilliant idea to show how popular certain items are. They did this by allowing its hangers to […]

  • Carlton Mid Carp Buster – Help Save Burrendong Dam

    Here’s a great tie in from Carlton Mid Beer to help the environment and the local community. They’ve incentivised fishing in the Burrendong Dam to catch Carp which are considered pests and damaging the natural ecosystem. They have tagged one Carp and named him The Duke of Burrendong, which, when caught will earn the catcher a $10,000+ cash prize. Tieing in with the competition, Carlton are giving $1 off 6 packs for people than can show their carp at any participating retailers.  It’s quite a local campaign, but very PR-able and on brand for a Victorian Brew: M. x

  • [youtube] Goertz Virtual Shoe Fitting – amazing! Love, love, love it!! (Source:

  • Nike+ and Fuel Fest

    Nike taps into the age old instinct of competition to launch its Fuelband in Europe Lucky invitees, including competition winners, the most active athletes from Nike events this year, and Contagious, went to Battersea Power Station on 8th July. All attendees were sporting FuelBands – the brand’s Titanium Grand Prix winning product that tracks steps, calories and activity, calculating Fuel – Nike’s proprietary measurement. The audiences’ activity was fed back, as they watched performances by Tinie Tempah, DJ Zane Lowe and Magnetic Man. The amount of activity generated powered interactive projections on the outside of the venue – the more […]

  • [youtube] Nissan LEAF: World Without Petrol Installation “Here’s a pretty neat art installation in Sydney for the launch of the Nissan LEAF electric car into the market, illustrating the things we might just be doing with petrol bowsers when there is no future need for them. With almost 40 unique, interactive, re-purposed petrol bowsers on display, people are free to walk up and have a play, then vote online here for their favourite.The installation transforms petrol bowsers into everything from mini-golf holes and popcorn stands to water fountains, pianos and pokermachines. A beautiful ambient piece from Nissan.” Source: Digital […]

  • Participation Branding/Social Media workshop notes

    This was from July last year, but had this in Evernote, along with a bunch of other course and workshop notes I’ve been taking, so I thought I might share them rather than keep them locked away, rotting in Evernote for eternity. Hope they are of some use for someone out there. :) M. x — Above the line = brand Below the line = behaviour/relationship development Matching luggage = through the line integration Big idea must be media neutral Creative teams need to be able to think of an idea that works across all platforms, not just traditional TV […]

  • Coca Cola: RFID Facebook Integration

    Check it out

  • The Fun Theory

    [youtube] [youtube] I love these!! Who wouldn’t want to get involved! Such a fun idea, and so simple. :) More at M. x