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    Commbank Kaching for Facebook

    Just launched a Facebook connected banking app! Trailing behind NZ with this but still it has some pretty impressive features: Pay your Facebook friends without having to ask for their bank account details; Pay to a Facebook Event; Pay anyone, all you need is their mobile number or email address; Request a payment from your more forgetful friends; and Keep track of who you’ve paid, and what you’re owed, all in one place. Pretty nice! M. x

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    15 Fantastic Experiential/Digital Campaigns

    via: Simply Zesty Facebook Face Recognition In Israel, Coca-Cola decided to combine Facebook and face recognition technology to create FaceLook. By setting up machines across a theme park, it gave visitors a way of logging into their Facebook account using only their face and allowing them to post status updates. Simple, and a great example of the real and virtual worlds blending together. C&A’s Facebook ‘Like’ Hangers When Brazilian fashion retailer C&A decided to make its hanger digital, it came up with a brilliant idea to show how popular certain items are. They did this by allowing its hangers to […]

  • Coca Cola: RFID Facebook Integration

    Check it out