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    Facebook buys Oculus Rift – Zuckerberg Announcement

    This got me SO super excited, however my gaming friends weren’t feeling quite so enthused as they thought it would ruin the future of VR gaming. Never fear, Zuckerberg promises “Oculus already has big plans here that won’t be changing and we hope to accelerate” “After games, we’re going to make Oculus a platform for many other experiences. Imagine enjoying a court side seat at a game, studying in a classroom of students and teachers all over the world or consulting with a doctor face-to-face — just by putting on goggles in your home.” Still remember playing the Sims when […]

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    Robotic arm + Facebook connect = all kinds of awesome

    It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I just love this! Okay, so you remember these arcade coin games? WELL! Intel have created this awesome engagement piece based around this coin machine concept. But with the use of robotics.. Because who doesn’t love robotics?! Users can connect via Facebook, and be bought into a live streaming environment where a sweet ass robotic arm spells out their name with blocks (share to get an extra block of course!). Users are placed in a queue to push the prize to the end of the dispenser. Anywho, check it out at […]

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    Commbank Kaching for Facebook

    Just launched a Facebook connected banking app! Trailing behind NZ with this but still it has some pretty impressive features: Pay your Facebook friends without having to ask for their bank account details; Pay to a Facebook Event; Pay anyone, all you need is their mobile number or email address; Request a payment from your more forgetful friends; and Keep track of who you’ve paid, and what you’re owed, all in one place. Pretty nice! M. x

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    15 Fantastic Experiential/Digital Campaigns

    via: Simply Zesty Facebook Face Recognition In Israel, Coca-Cola decided to combine Facebook and face recognition technology to create FaceLook. By setting up machines across a theme park, it gave visitors a way of logging into their Facebook account using only their face and allowing them to post status updates. Simple, and a great example of the real and virtual worlds blending together. C&A’s Facebook ‘Like’ Hangers When Brazilian fashion retailer C&A decided to make its hanger digital, it came up with a brilliant idea to show how popular certain items are. They did this by allowing its hangers to […]

  • Heineken invites you to design the future limited edition bottle

    Things that are great about this campaign: Crowdsourced design Users can browse the Heineken library for downloadable historical assets which has an instagram-style interface as well as being able to sort and filter by colour swatch, year and featured object A nice interface which allows users to design their bottles as well as showcasing other designs using HTML and WebGL Users share their design as part of the entry mechanic …All within a Facebook app! Check it out at M. x (Source:

  • The 36 Faces of Facebook Fans according to Soap – hilarious!

    The 36 Faces of Facebook Fans according to Soap – hilarious!

  • Intel’s new Facial Recognition software and what it means for advertisers

    Imagine sitting in your lounge room with your boyfriend/girlfriend, bored and watching TV – when an ad comes on and strikes a chord with you – maybe a holiday package for couples. Imagine being served these kind of ads every time you watch TV. Ads that are actually relevant to you.. and you never have to view another Huggies or Australian Pensioner’s Insurance Agency ad again! Intel Lab’s have just released a prototype Facial Recognition software which allows advertisers to target ads based on gender, age, kids/no kids, partnered/alone and mood. These new developments from Intel Labs show us that […]

  • [youtube] Gamification at it’s best: Captain Morgan Integrated Gaming – just. awesome. In the US, Diageo has embarked on a brave campaign that saw them via mobile devices create an MMORPG called Captain’s Conquest. They launched the initiative with a number of short films reenacting tales inspired by the real Captain Morgan’s history. They then enticed people to live like the man via the game and battle with other users in real time. They essentially created an app that would allow you to live like the legend. Aggregating real time information based on your GPS location and supplying you […]

  • Facebook acquires – facial recognition API software. Auto-tagging on the up!

    Facebook acquires – facial recognition API software. Auto-tagging on the up!

  • Ad people vs. Normal people: How we use social media

    Ad people vs. Normal people: How we use social media

  • Microsoft Kinect outdoor piece for NRMA went up overnight in Martin Place – very cool. Lean left or right to spin the car, interact using hand gestures.  NRMA also did an interactive bus shelter ad that I played with at Wynyard a few months ago for the same campaign – ‘like’ the NRMA page and you could choose different kinds of music from your iPhone to play out of the bus stop in-built speakers!      The whole campaign revolves around ‘discovering which parts of your car your insurance may not automatically cover’ leading to NRMA’s promise – ‘we automatically insure […]

  • [vimeo 40727808 w=500 h=375] The Facebook Photo Flipbook! Great use of Facebook photos by Volkswagen. Source: Digital Buzz  (Source:

  • Facebook Edgerank – Need to know (infographic)

    Facebook Edgerank – Need to know (infographic)

  • Facebook for dead people.. Creepy thought!

  • Social Media Fundamental learnings

    Week 1Facebook is not only the largest social media platform in the world, it’s the most targetable. Play book – case studies of strategies that have been used all around the world Alison – CEO of quiip@alisonmichalk@quiip Facebook pages, blogs, twitter are tools and platforms, not communities. Community management is the discipline of ensuring productive communities.  Social graph – Facebook connect, the evolution of Facebook, pulling personal data in order to target certain demographics. Search function on Facebook page is hopeless – noone goes to a Facebook page and searches for the question they are wanting to ask. Thank them all […]

  • [vimeo 35375509 w=500 h=375] ‘Like’ Stuff On Facebook By Thrusting Your Hips! Do you ever find yourself thinking that you enjoy liking things on Facebook but that there’s just not enough fun in the whole process? Fear not, the answer is here and it comes in the shape of the LikeBelt. This is a new piece of technology developed by deeplocal that allows you to show your appreciation on Facebook by interacting with people and things in a very real way. Thrust a suggestive hip in their direction while you’re wearing the LikeBelt, and it will register on Facebook, where […]

  • [youtube] The new Facebook Timeline. Idea derived from the huge success of Intel’s Museum of Me? (Source:

  • Coca Cola: RFID Facebook Integration

    Check it out

  • Breaking up with Facebook

    Today I switched to Google! And I mean entirely. Mail. Picasa. Youtube. Plus. The whole sha-bang. I’m the newest brand advocate! So I wanted to share how I exported my Facebook photos and friends. Export Facebook friends  Export Facebook photos – to Picasa (Google’s image hosting service, also used for Google+) (doesn’t include tagged photos) Export including Facebook tagged photos And the rest of the Facebook info – including status updates and wall posts – Go to Facebook > Account > Account Settings > Download your information (can also try[edit: 20/07 – found a super easy way of exporting friends […]

  • Intel’s ‘Museum of me’ – your Facebook activity made into a movie gallery

    Intel’s ‘Museum of me’ – your Facebook activity made into a movie gallery