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  • Old spice.. The man your man could smell like

    Absolutely Gold!!!

  • Finger DJ

    Nice idea for an ad! Anyone? Anyone?… Ahh there we go! A new ad for some kinda Cheezle-like chips called ‘Hula Hoops’. I think it’s cute! It definitely reflects a truth about the product – no matter how old you are you can’t help poking your fingers through them and feeling like a big kid. :)

  • vw mime press

    My favourites of this week’s BestAds

    are as follows.. :) A print ad from Ogilvy Cape Town for the new Golf 6, which features special sound dampening measures that give it the “quietest cabin in its class. New Golf.” To coincide with the solar eclipse, a topical ad was developed for Michael Hill Jewellers by McCann-Erickson, Sydney. also: truTV by Mother New York spot one and spot two.

  • Awesome 3D!

    MTV International / Mister Furry from Universal Everything on Vimeo. My favourite!! Music = lame. Found an awesome Ministry track which works so much better – Bloc Party/Armand Van Helden remix of “Signs”. test it out 1/4 of the way through the song MTV International / Jewels and Oil from Universal Everything on Vimeo. MTV International / Sweetheart from Universal Everything on Vimeo. Lollieeees!!

  • AltoidsOnline3

    Steal our ideas

    Freaking awesome :D “This ambient idea for Altoids will challenge people to investigate their innate inquisitive nature at the risk of being crushed to death by a 2000 pound cliche. Those who muster up enough curiosity to push the giant red button will be handsomely rewarded with a sample package of Altoids Curiously Strong Mints.” hahahahahahahah “The fashion world takes itself way too seriously, but Diesel is an exception. They have done a remarkable job mixing humor and sexiness. ”You’ll never be this awesome.” is a confident and self-deprecative strategy that speaks to the unattainable beauty of the fashion […]

  • Ahhh Schweppervescence

    The countdown to the 56th Cannes Lions Internation Advertising Festival is on, with only 3 weeks to go! Just watching a videoblog on Campaign Brief from Cannes 2008, and was reminded of this awesome ad for Schweppes! It won a Gold Lion (as it should) and was shot with ultra slow motion cameras capturing the footage at a massive 10,000 frames per second. It’s so beautiful, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :D haha! Definitely one of my favourite ads of all time.

  • Max Channel

    Cute series of ads :D I can’t seem to find the other few.. My favourite was in there somewhere! ah well, here’s one of them :)

  • Picture-14

    My favourites of this weeks BestAds – Overtime Hobby Ideas Stores – Butterfly The New Zealand International Comedy Festival – Nothing’s sacred Jayco Motorhomes – House Plan And just for laughs.. Oasis – Rubberduckzilla

  • 303’s first Gloria Jeans TVC

    Was so in love with this ad when we first saw it at one Fireside meeting!! Well done to Dav, Bryan and Julian!! Been searching youtube for weeks so I could link it, but the high res wont allow embedding, so have to link the shit one. Love it :)

  • Simon McQuoid

    Last night I was amongst many who went to Double Lucky to listen to Simon McQuoid talk about his career, his philosophies and give an insight into his work. Simon worked as an Art Director in Perth in the 1990s, and returns to Perth every couple of years for holidays from his base in New York where he is one of America’s hottest directors. In the past year he has risen to #3 in the world in The Gunn Report rankings. Simon was the director of the highly awarded Microsoft Xbox 360 / “Halo 3” video game internet campaign named […]

  • Brylcreem.

    Awesome. Done by Oli from and Tori from Check out the ‘making of’ video. p.s: Check out Oli’s sketch book! awesome :D

  • Reversed Beliefs

    This video was forwarded to me at work.. it has so much impact! Apparently…. this video was submitted by a 20 year old in a contest titled “u @ 50” It won second place. When they showed it, everyone in the room was awe-struck and broke into spontaneous applause.

  • Canon ad

    One of my old favourites.

  • paul-arden1

    The beginning for Kodak

    I’ve been sifting through a load of old print ads today, many dating back from the 1850’s! Some are hilarious, the copy they used is priceless.. one of my favourites for Palmolive Soap: “Palmolive’s Beauty Plan brings exciting complexion loveliness” … What the! Also, Lose weight with Aids!? Gold! Haha anyway, I came across a whole load of them for Kodak… …which reminded me of a page in one of Paul Arden‘s books.. I read both of his bestselling paperbacks, “Whatever you think, think the opposite”, and “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be”. […]

  • Apple.. My favourite brand

    I remember reading about this back when I was 15. I was always in love with the Apple Ipod ads, and used to make my own versions – haha! The tagline was something like.. “Life is random.. and so is Michelle!” I’ll see if I can find them.. They’d be funny to laugh at now :P LIFE IS RANDOM: (2003)Apple Computers unveiled their new portable music player called the iPod Shuffle. Those who wish to remain in control of the order in which their music is played will not be able to stand the device, as it can only play […]