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  • ZyezyD

    Turn up to 10 seconds of any YouTube video into a gif

    What a priceless find!! Too good not to share!

  • ae002dce-b78f-4020-8735-8eae39e16f8a-525x351

    Brothers recreate baby pics as adults

    I don’t know why but this is hilarious!!ABEpa  

  • Dove Real Beauty Sketches Parody

    This is hilarious. Nice parody of the latest viral sensation – Dove Beauty Sketches. My favourite line – “His eyes were rapey” Thanks Gual! Enjoy! And happy Friday. :) M. x


    Via Cannes Lions 2012 [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

  • [youtube] Pink Batts home insulation – gold (Source:

  • Never say no to Panda. Love it

  • Looters are everywhere

  • Amazing. Made my DAY!!!

    (but why are there two TVs in the room?!)

  • Whacky Arm-Flailing Inflatable Tube Men

    Change is rocking the advertising world and creatives with old-world skills like digital are out on the street. The smart money is on Whacky Arm-Flailing Inflatable Tube Men. Such was the theme last week, at Austin’s prestigious “South-By-South-WHACKY -ARM-FLAILING-INFLATABLE-TUBE-MEN Conference” where futurists crowded Sixth Street for a first look the next advancements in Inflatable Whacky Technology. “Just look at the godamned thing!” observed retailer Joel Davis. “Don’t you SEE what it’s telling customers? It’s saying…. ‘Hey, look, I’m flappin’, I’m…..uh-oh,….I’m tippin’ back ….I’m tippin’ further back!…..and now…..I’m standin’ up again!’” Its hypnotic undulations coupled with the wallet-emptying power of the flailing […]

  • IMG2011061000039

    Can’t decide between a dog or an ipod… La solution! iPug!

  • That’s the ning nang nong

    Ahhhh my golly gosh.. The things you find on youtube!! Grew up singing this song from Playschool! Couldn’t stop laughing after watching it for the first time in 18 years!!

  • Old spice.. The man your man could smell like

    Absolutely Gold!!!

  • Finger DJ

    Nice idea for an ad! Anyone? Anyone?… Ahh there we go! A new ad for some kinda Cheezle-like chips called ‘Hula Hoops’. I think it’s cute! It definitely reflects a truth about the product – no matter how old you are you can’t help poking your fingers through them and feeling like a big kid. :)

  • Toast.indd

    Toast art

    Nicked from this weeks BestAds! Great series of print ads done by Bloom in Dublin. “Pat the Baker, Ireland’s favourite bread, has launched via bloom, Dublin a new loaf especially made for toasting. Our target audience was Dublin commuters. The solution was to create portraits of famous Irish people using toast, for example the writers, Samuel Beckett, William Butler Yeats and Oscar Wilde.” view hi res more toast art!

  • AltoidsOnline3

    Steal our ideas

    Freaking awesome :D “This ambient idea for Altoids will challenge people to investigate their innate inquisitive nature at the risk of being crushed to death by a 2000 pound cliche. Those who muster up enough curiosity to push the giant red button will be handsomely rewarded with a sample package of Altoids Curiously Strong Mints.” hahahahahahahah “The fashion world takes itself way too seriously, but Diesel is an exception. They have done a remarkable job mixing humor and sexiness. ”You’ll never be this awesome.” is a confident and self-deprecative strategy that speaks to the unattainable beauty of the fashion […]

  • Tuts ma burreh

    Watch this :D Hilaaaaarious!!!!

  • Random archives

    Great Flash intro.. Gold!! I want it!! Laughing baby.. SO CUTE Bahahaahhahahaa, if you don’t laugh at this you don’t have a soul. ahahahaha