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  • An app that turns any surface into a keyboard

    [vimeo w=400&h=300] You’d probably get sore fingers after a while but a very cool adaptation nonetheless! Read more M. x

  • Sphero – robotic ball Augmented Reality gaming system controlled from smartphone or tablet

    [vimeo 51106808 w=500 h=281] Introducing Sphero – the first robotic ball gaming system controlled from your smartphone or tablet! Check this video out, so excited about the Augmented Reality part and the opportunities this will present! More at M. x

  • Condition One: Immersive iPad Video Experience

    Check this out. Immersive video player with an API licensed to media companies and brands. It’s a 180 degree experience inside of your iPad app. Basically you can play any content you want and have users move around within that screen space. “We’ve taken the power of the still image, with the narrative from film and merging with virtual reality to create something entirely new.” [vimeo w=400&h=300] M. x

  • [youtube] Gamification at it’s best: Captain Morgan Integrated Gaming – just. awesome. In the US, Diageo has embarked on a brave campaign that saw them via mobile devices create an MMORPG called Captain’s Conquest. They launched the initiative with a number of short films reenacting tales inspired by the real Captain Morgan’s history. They then enticed people to live like the man via the game and battle with other users in real time. They essentially created an app that would allow you to live like the legend. Aggregating real time information based on your GPS location and supplying you […]

  • on{x} – automate your life.

    This is a great new developer’s platform that has just been released for anyone with an Android. Basically, you can program your own phone to answer your specific needs using ‘rules’ which are kind of like user-friendly Javascript coding, and can then share the ‘rules’ as a ‘recipe’ on the on{x} forum to see how others are programming their androids in different ways. Take a look at the video – such a great concept. [youtube] To me, this is the main reason why Android will overtake iPhones – it all comes down to personalisation, and with platforms like o{x} […]

  • [vimeo 40056491 w=500 h=375] How a small town emerged from an iPhone – Los Angeles-based 3D artist Mike Ko produced this cute little live action animation as his graduation project from Otis College of Art & Design. Titled iPhone Diorama, and taking around three months to complete, watch as buildings spring from the phone’s glass screen as a car skids around a corner. So adorable.  M. x Source: PSFK (Source:

  • Awesome.

  • McDonalds Pick n Play in Stockholm, Sweden – Interactive Billboard

    Play Pong on a giant billboard with your smartphone. Best players win a burger.