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  • Intel Kinect/Advergame/Film

    [youtube] Here’s an awesome Kinect advergame/film by Intel where you can fight in action scenes, deliver key lines, have your photo taken on the red carpet, DJ for LMFAO and take away a bunch of photos, including a mini-magazine cover story to post into Facebook showcasing your adventure… And it goes for 20 minutes! M. x (Source:

  • Adidas Kinect after hours interactive window shopping

    [youtube] After hours interactive window shopping with Adidas and Kinect technology! Nicely done. Via Digital Buzz

  • [youtube] Goertz Virtual Shoe Fitting – amazing! Love, love, love it!! (Source:

  • It’s finally here!! Interactive advertising on Xbox Live using Kinect!

    Control the ad with gestures or voice command. Advertisers get real-time feedback from consumers via the console. Can’t wait to see this roll out, this will open up a whole new avenue for creative advertising. [youtube] via: Holley Sydney Labs/Gual Barwell  More at Microsoft. M. x

  • Who needs Microsoft surface when you’ve got this?

    Ubi Interactive, have created a novel way to turn any surface into an interactive touchscreen. Ubi’s hardware is the same cutting edge motion and depth sensor camera from the Microsoft Kinect. When the camera is aimed at a computer display, the Ubi software turns a user’s movements into gesture commands, allowing you to do away with your mouse for good. The device can also be paired with a projector in order to turn a wall or table into an interactive display. Check out a demo video from one user below:  [youtube] Just to add to the list of cool […]

  • Kinect changing filmmaking – using 3D data

    Using Kinect and a DSLR camera to reimagine filmmaking. These guys have created a technique that lets you map video from the camera onto 3D data from the Kinect gaming console to generate a CGI and video hybrid. The guys behind this creation, Jonathan Manard and James George from RGB+D have recently released a preview of the experimental film, Clouds, which uses this technique. They call it a ‘computational documentary’ and features hackers and media artists talking about code, culture and the future of visualisation. [vimeo w=400&h=300] “This footage is rendered in a 3D environment, you have to look […]

  • Microsoft Kinect outdoor piece for NRMA went up overnight in Martin Place – very cool. Lean left or right to spin the car, interact using hand gestures.  NRMA also did an interactive bus shelter ad that I played with at Wynyard a few months ago for the same campaign – ‘like’ the NRMA page and you could choose different kinds of music from your iPhone to play out of the bus stop in-built speakers!      The whole campaign revolves around ‘discovering which parts of your car your insurance may not automatically cover’ leading to NRMA’s promise – ‘we automatically insure […]

  • Microsoft Surface Table Fun!

    A few weeks back I went to another fantastic Youngbloods event – this time hosted by Iain and Stephan at Amnesia Razorfish, educating us on the digital consumer. I was absolutely on the edge of my seat the whole time – soaking it all up. Was a great night. Still got some interesting notes to come, but in the meantime, here are a few videos of us having a play with the Windows surface table – VERY cool! Enjoy! M. x [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

  • [youtube] Kinect Shopping Trolley – how cool is this demo! Using the motion sensors on Microsoft’s Kinect, the shopping trolleys will identify your loyalty card, scan items as you put them in the trolley and will even follow you around the shop. It’s an early prototype version so it’s still being developed, but I’m already very impressed with the features – such as reminding you to buy gluten free pasta! Bit freaky, but kinda cool! M. x (Source:

  • [youtube] Gmail Motion April Fool’s – hilarious. With Spotify bringing in a motion based control, and Microsoft/Xbox Kinect making waves in late developments, this April Fool’s joke might not be that far off, minus the charades style typing! :) M. x (Source:

  • [youtube] The Board of Awesomeness – Xbox Kinect Gesture controlled skateboard… YES!! (Source:

  • [youtube] Another one from Microsoft.. The future of Xbox Kinect. Slightly more realistic than the last I think! (Source: