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  • Is this the world’s most interactive print ad?


  • vw mime press

    My favourites of this week’s BestAds

    are as follows.. :) A print ad from Ogilvy Cape Town for the new Golf 6, which features special sound dampening measures that give it the “quietest cabin in its class. New Golf.” To coincide with the solar eclipse, a topical ad was developed for Michael Hill Jewellers by McCann-Erickson, Sydney. also: truTV by Mother New York spot one and spot two.

  • paul-arden1

    The beginning for Kodak

    I’ve been sifting through a load of old print ads today, many dating back from the 1850’s! Some are hilarious, the copy they used is priceless.. one of my favourites for Palmolive Soap: “Palmolive’s Beauty Plan brings exciting complexion loveliness” … What the! Also, Lose weight with Aids!? Gold! Haha anyway, I came across a whole load of them for Kodak… …which reminded me of a page in one of Paul Arden‘s books.. I read both of his bestselling paperbacks, “Whatever you think, think the opposite”, and “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be”. […]