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  • Nike ‘Reuse-A-Shoe’

    Nike’s take on promoting sustainability with their ‘Reuse-A-Shoe’ initiative. Thanks Brooke for the share! M. x

  • Back to basics: Weed Killer product packaging for the domesticated man

    While he might help out with the washing, change nappies and cry during The Notebook, in his mind he’s still all bad-ass action. Check out the case study vid, it’s hilarious. Just goes to show, again, that consumers really appreciate brands who don’t take themselves too seriously. View video M. x

  • The Bottled Water Debacle

    I was about to post on a product I stumbled across called ThankYou Bottled Water, which, in a nutshell is paired with an app called ‘Track your impact’ – By buying a bottle of ThankYou water, your $1 contribution will go directly towards to the fresh drinking water projects developing countries. All you need to do is download the app and punch in the unique barcode from your bottle to see exactly where your $1 (indirect) donation will go towards. [youtube] I thought it was a pretty nifty idea, until I shared it with my colleague who then swayed me otherwise, […]