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  • Picture-1

    There ain’t no love

    Like cardboardlove.

  • Picture-13

    Banksy’s pet shop

    check this out, it’s incredible! love the baby hot dogs haha gross! M. x

  • Picture-20

    Random lo[v]e

    A cute little site done up by Channel [v] where viewers stick a piece of paper up with a sentence written beginning with I LO[V]E.. Kinda like two of my previous posts.. similar to twitter/twistori and ‘I dream of..‘ I like :)

  • 3247_93253619306_504649306_2450660_2076356_n


    CHHEEECKKK out my new Vmoto Milan jx50!!!! Amazing right? not bad for $800 :D Been hooning around on the little beast all weekend, best fun ever!!

  • The simple things in life

    Last night I looked up into the sky and I saw something that made my day!It was Venus and Jupiter aligning with a three day old crescent Moon appearing as a smiley face in the night sky! This strange occurance happens once every 5 years, and I was lucky enough to see it by chance. It’s times like these you stop and smile, and appreciate the simple things in life.

  • Google sightseeing

    Aliens have been trying to communicate with us puny humans for years now, usually via the confusing medium of drawing circles in Britain’s fields. But a recent trend shows them branching out into more direct forms of communication with actual words being carved into our crops. Of course they haven’t fully developed a grasp of our primitive languages, as seen in this example of childishly rude crop writing just beside Edinburgh Airport. What, oh mighty alien lifeforms, are you trying to tell us?! (click for google sightseeing) And another..This gigantic image of the KFC Colonel was constructed from 65,000 1-foot-square […]

  • bubbles and fun

    click and drag!

  • worth a watch..

    The things you find on youtube!

  • the things we treasure

    My old best chum, Nick, wrote me this back in 2004.I loved it so I saved it and just recovered it today! hello, it is cold and i am a goat, 12 is the number of 3 only if the 7th day of the month falls on a day starting with q, i would like to read a passage from the bible, “mish knows all says god” it was a beautiful age of prosperity in the conversational twelfty of thesis, of course in the gordon-style text of bill joel once said a duck, i am jockined by the letter […]