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  • ae002dce-b78f-4020-8735-8eae39e16f8a-525x351

    Brothers recreate baby pics as adults

    I don’t know why but this is hilarious!!ABEpa  

  • Some clients just need to understand…

    … that this kind of stuff WORKS! Oreo’s Super Important Test is an online test, to see which is better, the White Stuff of the Cookie? One of these 34 videos will be shown when you chose. Nice find, Fitz! M. x *update*  the site is no longer running, but here’s a mix up of all the hilarious ‘success’ videos!

  • 2-12-2014 3-09-04 PM – weird idea for a pointless website! Thanks Heathy! M. x


    Via Cannes Lions 2012 [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

  • Text to ASCII art generator!

    ___ _ _ _ _ / __ |__ ___ ___| | _(_) |_ / / | ‘_ / _ / __| |/ / | __| / /___| | | | __/ (__| <| | |_ _ ____/|_| |_|___|___|_|__|__(_) Click to type and change fonts! Also: Turn your photo into text!  Very cool random finds!

  • [youtube] Holy god, this is awesome. theinsignificant: Can some of my Indian friends explain this 67 seconds of ad amazement to me please… (Source:

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  • Amazing. Made my DAY!!!

    (but why are there two TVs in the room?!)

  • Tuts ma burreh

    Watch this :D Hilaaaaarious!!!!

  • parishiltongagabowtheft

    Hair bows

    Guilty as charged!! I’ve been all over this cute hair style. How to hahah, love it..

  • twistori01


    I found this site while scouring through twitter today, it’s so similar to what I just wrote about (Dream on) but in real time! Love the layout, the idea is awesome, and you can download the mac screensaver. (Haven’t tried it yet, as I’m back to a boring PC) Onto a mac again when I get back from my trip to Melbourne in 2 weeks straight into my new job at John Cheese Post Production! Can’t wait :D pro tip: click two or more simultaneously to stream that amount one after the other.

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    Great Flash intro.. Gold!! I want it!! Laughing baby.. SO CUTE Bahahaahhahahaa, if you don’t laugh at this you don’t have a soul. ahahahaha