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  • How Topshop used Oculus Rift Virtual Reality earlier this year

  • Audi Interactive Projection Mapping

    The first of it’s kind.. Very cool! Similar to an older post which used Microsoft Surface M. x

  • Mobeam: Point of sale barcode scanners to read coupons and loyalty cards direct from the Samsung Galaxy S4

    Here is an amazing idea that will be a sure game changer for the retail market. This is huge news for my big FMCG client so will be keeping a close eye on this one! Exciting stuff! Mobeam is a new technology that enables point-of-sale barcode scanners to read coupons, loyalty cards, and other items directly from a smartphone. It sends pulses of light to the scanner’s sensor and mimics the black and white sequencing of a standard barcode. The technology would enable retailers to send digital coupons and gift cards online and allow smartphone users to bring them up […]

  • Adidas Kinect after hours interactive window shopping

    [youtube] After hours interactive window shopping with Adidas and Kinect technology! Nicely done. Via Digital Buzz

  • Forget Coles express checkouts – now introducing RFID auto-scan!

  • The Future of Retail Series

    This is a fantastic series of articles by PSFK which sheds light on what they believe is the future of retail based on current projects. Take a look: – See furniture in your home before you buy & again but with Augmented Reality – Fit with a click – see how items look via virtual change room and more – Sketchers: Offers rewards in exchange for customer review – Tesco: Offers double loyalty points if shared on Facebook – Fashion designer launches platform to crowdsource ideas Check out the series – they offer some awesome sneak peeks into the ways […]

  • [youtube] Goertz Virtual Shoe Fitting – amazing! Love, love, love it!! (Source:

  • ONLY: Multiple Golds at Cannes Lions. One of the best website I’ve seen to date.

    You have to check this out! M. x

  • 3D Virtual fitting – try on sunglasses online with 180° motion We all know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of sunglasses! Now with DITTO, you can do it all from the convenience of your home or work – complete with a e-commerce site, and free delivery! It also suggests certain styles of sunglasses to fit the shape and size of your head. What more could you ask for… “DITTO – a startup partnering with retailers that offers a 3D virtual fitting technology to help shoppers to try on glasses online. After consumers record a short video of themselves with a webcam, a 3D model avatar of […]

  • Walk through retail stores without leaving your home

    Two new virtual shops have opened in Japan using the e-commerce service PanoPlaza. The two sites offer a realistic in-store experience allowing users to navigate the stores using their keyboard and mouse (think Google Maps). You can even walk up to products for a better look. PanoPlaza has already won Japan’s “Tablet Solution Award” and “Microsoft Innovation Award” this year. M. x

  • [youtube] Here’s a nice user friendly interactive retail display done by Perch I’m guessing using Kinect onto a flat table. Once a customer picks up the object, they can flick through details, sizes, colours, photos, and reviews using gestures. Pretty cool! More examples at Thanks Evan for submitting! M. x [edit: New Balance store uses pick up and play video to sell]   (Source: