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  • Red Bull Playgrounds – Social Discovery App

    [youtube] A great owned media platform kicking off in Canada and Spain in beta. This great app allows users to connect around extreme sports and nightlife including seeing Red Bull althetes favourite spots and discover pubs/clubs with the most cred within the Red Bull community. Look forward to seeing how this one pans out! M. x

  • Utility: Which feature and apps hold the strongest appeal around the world?

    Compare countries app usage with this awesome site: M. x

  • Shazam: making TV more social

    Shazam: making TV more social

  • Nike+ and Fuel Fest

    Nike taps into the age old instinct of competition to launch its Fuelband in Europe Lucky invitees, including competition winners, the most active athletes from Nike events this year, and Contagious, went to Battersea Power Station on 8th July. All attendees were sporting FuelBands – the brand’s Titanium Grand Prix winning product that tracks steps, calories and activity, calculating Fuel – Nike’s proprietary measurement. The audiences’ activity was fed back, as they watched performances by Tinie Tempah, DJ Zane Lowe and Magnetic Man. The amount of activity generated powered interactive projections on the outside of the venue – the more […]

  • Social Strategy: Paul Adams – Think outside in

    A great read from Paul Adams – ex-Google and now Facebook – talking about building relationships with consumers from a brand perspective. The key takeout for me was thinking back to how relationships are formed – through many lightweight interactions over time. Take a read if you have a spare 10 minutes – it really puts things back in perspective for us advertising people. M. x

  • Crowdsourcing Digital Ideas

    Online platform lets brands browse and buy crowd sourced digital ideas.

  • Lego has gone digital! Build, a collaborative project between Lego Australia and Google Chrome, fuses WebGL, the very latest in in-browser graphics, and Google Maps to allow users the chance to build, share and even renovate their very own digital Lego structures on a global platform. Start building!

  • Kaiser Chiefs – The Social Album

    Kaiser Chiefs launched their new album in an interesting and incredibly social way. Basically they produced 20 songs and launched the new tracks on a website with a website. They then gave consumers the option to create their own, new Kaiser Chiefs Album:  Customise the tracks and their order Create their own album artwork  Supplied them with assets both social and traditional to be able to promote their personalised album  The great thing was, that for every copy of your album you sold you would get a pound.This campaign demonstrates brilliantly things like social shopping, crowd sourced product development and […]

  • [vimeo 43886541 w=500 h=375] Wirelessly login to all your social networks with Ford Keyfree app! Very cool. Via: Digital Buzz (Source:

  • The Digital Consumer

    Things I learnt from Youngbloods/Amnesia Razorfish Digital Consumer talk – these are the words of Iain McDonald. M. x — 3D printer – layer by layer. Already we’re printing human organs. The first person in the world last year had a kidney printed and transplanted, already the future of medicine is rapidly changing. (also – printable house, printed solar cells) [youtube] Youngbloods are digital natives. We didnt know what life was like without the Internet, or growing up with it. YouTube video of the baby with an ipad, someone passes over a magazine and the baby tries to scroll […]

  • Social gaming for good – really loving where this is going

    Social gaming for good – really loving where this is going