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  • Freshmen ads

    Somewhere there’s a junior creative crying in a beer. Bars do it. Diners do it. Dry Cleaners do it. Hang the first ads you were paid to write, design, direct, produce and sell to the client right here on our wall. As Letterman would say, “This is an exhibition, not a competition. Please, no wagering.” Classic!! “The year was 1987 (there, you made me say it) and the place was The Richards Group in Dallas. This was one of those junior team hand-me-down projects that was due almost overnight. Luckily for me I was paired with a talented female writer […]

  • vw mime press

    My favourites of this week’s BestAds

    are as follows.. :) A print ad from Ogilvy Cape Town for the new Golf 6, which features special sound dampening measures that give it the “quietest cabin in its class. New Golf.” To coincide with the solar eclipse, a topical ad was developed for Michael Hill Jewellers by McCann-Erickson, Sydney. also: truTV by Mother New York spot one and spot two.

  • 303’s first Gloria Jeans TVC

    Was so in love with this ad when we first saw it at one Fireside meeting!! Well done to Dav, Bryan and Julian!! Been searching youtube for weeks so I could link it, but the high res wont allow embedding, so have to link the shit one. Love it :)

  • Brylcreem.

    Awesome. Done by Oli from and Tori from Check out the ‘making of’ video. p.s: Check out Oli’s sketch book! awesome :D