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    Via Cannes Lions 2012 [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

  • It’s finally here!! Interactive advertising on Xbox Live using Kinect!

    Control the ad with gestures or voice command. Advertisers get real-time feedback from consumers via the console. Can’t wait to see this roll out, this will open up a whole new avenue for creative advertising. [youtube] via: Holley Sydney Labs/Gual Barwell  More at Microsoft. M. x

  • [youtube] The Best Job In The World – P&G London 2012 Olympic Games FilmFantastic ad, very touching!  (Source:

  • Never say no to Panda. Love it

  • Old spice.. The man your man could smell like

    Absolutely Gold!!!

  • Finger DJ

    Nice idea for an ad! Anyone? Anyone?… Ahh there we go! A new ad for some kinda Cheezle-like chips called ‘Hula Hoops’. I think it’s cute! It definitely reflects a truth about the product – no matter how old you are you can’t help poking your fingers through them and feeling like a big kid. :)

  • vw mime press

    My favourites of this week’s BestAds

    are as follows.. :) A print ad from Ogilvy Cape Town for the new Golf 6, which features special sound dampening measures that give it the “quietest cabin in its class. New Golf.” To coincide with the solar eclipse, a topical ad was developed for Michael Hill Jewellers by McCann-Erickson, Sydney. also: truTV by Mother New York spot one and spot two.

  • 303’s first Gloria Jeans TVC

    Was so in love with this ad when we first saw it at one Fireside meeting!! Well done to Dav, Bryan and Julian!! Been searching youtube for weeks so I could link it, but the high res wont allow embedding, so have to link the shit one. Love it :)

  • Brylcreem.

    Awesome. Done by Oli from and Tori from Check out the ‘making of’ video. p.s: Check out Oli’s sketch book! awesome :D