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    Personal Branding by Gwen Bell

    Stumbled upon this awesome site run by a chick called Gwen Bell, who blogs daily on branding, social media and creativity. There’s heaps of interesting articles in there, she’s a young hot head, a university lecturer on social media, a fantastic writer and an inspiring individual. One thing that caught my eye on her site was a blog about Personal Branding.. Personal Branding Tutorial: Create the Stream of Your Dreams There’s also plenty of inspiring reads for all those entrepreneur-to-be’s! How to get what you want …and more entrepreneurship The top 50 ‘tweeple’ to follow on twitter 50 of the most […]

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    Random lo[v]e

    A cute little site done up by Channel [v] where viewers stick a piece of paper up with a sentence written beginning with I LO[V]E.. Kinda like two of my previous posts.. similar to twitter/twistori and ‘I dream of..‘ I like :)

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    303 Digital and Twitter

    Plucked from the 303 Digital Blog.. “A discussion on mobile wouldn’t be complete without touching on Twitter – definitely the buzz brand of late 08, if you don’t know it; it’s a social networking tool and/or micro-blogging service. Basically, users can either write or sign up to mini updates of up to 140 characters in length. Barack Obama sent endless ‘tweets’ during the Presidential campaign to hundreds of thousands of followers, and continues to do so as we head to the inauguration…,39044908,62049668,00.htm Brands have begun using it as part of wider campaign activity, for a review of some of […]