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  • linktally

    Topsy: search and filter Twitter’s 425 billion posts

    Now you can search Twitter! Since it’s launch in 2006, Twitter has seen an insane amount of content posted – totalling well over 425 billion pieces of content, including photos and linked pages. San Francisco-based startup Topsy has conveniently indexed all of this content into one easily searchable database. Have a looksy for yourself!

  • tumblr_inline_mk98qsUDLC1qz4rgp

    CSS creatures generation from all-natural HTML5 and freshly squeezed CSS3!

    Just tweet your creature’s makeup and they are ‘baked’ within 25 seconds and appear on their page! Too cute! :D @csscreatures #4ae9b8 tooth hyper @csscreatures orange @csscreatures teeth nervous #3AC @csscreatures turquoise moustache M. x

  • 2-12-2014 4-33-26 PM

    15 Fantastic Experiential/Digital Campaigns

    via: Simply Zesty Facebook Face Recognition In Israel, Coca-Cola decided to combine Facebook and face recognition technology to create FaceLook. By setting up machines across a theme park, it gave visitors a way of logging into their Facebook account using only their face and allowing them to post status updates. Simple, and a great example of the real and virtual worlds blending together. C&A’s Facebook ‘Like’ Hangers When Brazilian fashion retailer C&A decided to make its hanger digital, it came up with a brilliant idea to show how popular certain items are. They did this by allowing its hangers to […]

  • heineken_valentines_day_tweet_for_a_table

    Heineken’s #tweetforatable

    Having trouble getting a last minute Valentine’s Day reservation? Check out Heineken’s #tweetforatable M. x

  • What did the world search for in 2012? Take a look on Google Zeitgeist

    What did the world search for in 2012? Take a look on Google Zeitgeist

  • Ad people vs. Normal people: How we use social media

    Ad people vs. Normal people: How we use social media

  • Social Media Stats and Facts for Australia – 2011

  • twistori01


    I found this site while scouring through twitter today, it’s so similar to what I just wrote about (Dream on) but in real time! Love the layout, the idea is awesome, and you can download the mac screensaver. (Haven’t tried it yet, as I’m back to a boring PC) Onto a mac again when I get back from my trip to Melbourne in 2 weeks straight into my new job at John Cheese Post Production! Can’t wait :D pro tip: click two or more simultaneously to stream that amount one after the other.

  • 2014-03-11_10-28-17

    What the F**k is social media?

    Great presentation by Paul and Nic the other day, slideshow available to view here on Slideshare.