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    The right way to ask users for mobile permissions in mobile apps

    I’m working on the UX and structure for an exciting app at the moment, and I’ve learnt so much. It’s easy to get ‘tunnel vision’ when working on big projects for such a long period of time, so you have to constantly remind yourself to take a step back put yourself in the user’s shoes. During research, I came across this awesome article on how to win the trust of the user in order to gain permissions to enhance the app experience, and the different ways you can go about this. It covers permissions for contacts, photos, location and push notifications. Enjoy!

  • ‘Minority Report’ style motion control device

    Now pre-ordering for $79.99 USD. So awesome! More at Thanks Antonny! M. x

  • 2-12-2014 3-12-06 PM

    Transitions, timing and their impact on UX

    A very interesting read (with examples) on interface usability, and how it can improved with animation. Pasquale convincingly argues that animation isn’t just a tool for visual embellishment, but can help the brain understand cause and effect in an interface. Thanks Matt! M. x