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    GeoGuessr – My new favourite street view game!

    Guess the randomised location from Google street view and get points based on distance from your guess! Love it! M. x

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    Snickers bids on misspelt Google search words – “Because you’re not you when you’re hungry”

    Snickers created a way to make bad typers recognise why they were unable to spell correctly. Snikkers Googel worked to bid on misspellings of common search terms. Each time someone misspelled a word (which was probably often, since people generally rely on Google to correct the terms for them) they got tailored ads asking them to “Grab yourself a Snikkers,” because “Yu cant spel properlie wen hungrie.” According to the agency, the campaign reached 500,000 people in three days of launch. Pretty neat idea! M. x via: creativity online

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    The Rainbow Code

    My blog has been officially pimped with a huge gay rainbow! This is from a cool side project we’ve been working on at Holler, created off the back of the support of the Oxford Street rainbow crossing in Sydney after Mardi Gras. You can create a rainbow code for your blog or website by typing the URL and pasting the code! Easy peasy. Take a look at M. x

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    Google Map Maker

    Here’s a cool new development from Google, which allows users to contribute to their map service! Google Map Maker allows users to add local information such as building outlines, hiking trials, rivers, railways and more to Google Maps. According to Map Maker program manager Jessica Pfund, users can edit and update anything from historic buildings and streets to agricultural land, the Independent reports. Contributions made through the browser-based map editor will be reviewed by other users and Google staff, in a system similar to Wikipedia. Once approved, map amendments will appear on Google Maps, Google Earth and the Maps mobile […]

  • Some clients just need to understand…

    … that this kind of stuff WORKS! Oreo’s Super Important Test is an online test, to see which is better, the White Stuff of the Cookie? One of these 34 videos will be shown when you chose. Nice find, Fitz! M. x *update*  the site is no longer running, but here’s a mix up of all the hilarious ‘success’ videos!

  • 2-12-2014 3-09-04 PM – weird idea for a pointless website! Thanks Heathy! M. x

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    CSS creatures generation from all-natural HTML5 and freshly squeezed CSS3!

    Just tweet your creature’s makeup and they are ‘baked’ within 25 seconds and appear on their page! Too cute! :D @csscreatures #4ae9b8 tooth hyper @csscreatures orange @csscreatures teeth nervous #3AC @csscreatures turquoise moustache M. x

  • Find your way to Oz – an interactive HTML5 experience (Chrome Experiment) Here’s nice Chrome Experiment built in HTML5, a collaboration with Disney to promote the upcoming Oz The Great and Powerful movie. It’s a cute little piece where you can navigate around a Circus using your mouse. Once you get to the hot air balloon, a little surprise awaits!  A peek under the hood for any Devs :) M. x

  • Homepage for the homeless

    [youtube] A fantastic way of raising money for young homeless people in Australia. How does it work? The sites listed on the page offer a finder’s fee to anyone who refers customers to them. By shopping from, this fee will go to charity, at no extra cost to you. Nice work GPY&R Melbourne. (and thanks Gual!) M. x

  • Retirement agency shows how you will age

    This is great, but also super freaky! I can’t say I look too great at 107. M. x

  • Everyone is an artist! Contribute to a sometimes great, sometimes horrifying uncensored giant art wall.

    Everyone is an artist! Contribute to a sometimes great, sometimes horrifying uncensored giant art wall.

  • My Audi Tracker

    Here’s a great website/app for customers to track their personalised Audi, called MyAudi Tracker. It’s a great way of building suspense to delivery day and giving you content you can enjoy and share, bringing you closer to the brand, pre-delivery! M. x

  • Cat Roulette

    Animal clinic uses Chat Roulette approach to finding homes for cats –

  • The Future of Retail Series

    This is a fantastic series of articles by PSFK which sheds light on what they believe is the future of retail based on current projects. Take a look: – See furniture in your home before you buy & again but with Augmented Reality – Fit with a click – see how items look via virtual change room and more – Sketchers: Offers rewards in exchange for customer review – Tesco: Offers double loyalty points if shared on Facebook – Fashion designer launches platform to crowdsource ideas Check out the series – they offer some awesome sneak peeks into the ways […]

  • This Exquisite Forest: Crowdsourcing an animated story, like the game of Chinese Whispers

    [youtube] This Exquisite Forest is an interactive digital project by Director, Chris Milk and Google Lab’s Aaron Koblin. Users can create their own animations added to a trail and in response to animations already submitted. These are then visualised as trees in a ‘forest’ of animations of stories.  Have a play with the website at M. x

  • Awesome examples of dynamic scrolling

  • Crowdsourcing Digital Ideas

    Online platform lets brands browse and buy crowd sourced digital ideas.

  • ONLY: Multiple Golds at Cannes Lions. One of the best website I’ve seen to date.

    You have to check this out! M. x

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    oh em gee

    Found this website by artist, Maya Wild. (awesome name – if it is hers) This chick is amazing. I love her work, it’s like something I’d aspire to do, so colourful, clean and cute. Website is great too! Check her out..