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  • Intel Kinect/Advergame/Film

    [youtube] Here’s an awesome Kinect advergame/film by Intel where you can fight in action scenes, deliver key lines, have your photo taken on the red carpet, DJ for LMFAO and take away a bunch of photos, including a mini-magazine cover story to post into Facebook showcasing your adventure… And it goes for 20 minutes! M. x (Source:

  • It’s finally here!! Interactive advertising on Xbox Live using Kinect!

    Control the ad with gestures or voice command. Advertisers get real-time feedback from consumers via the console. Can’t wait to see this roll out, this will open up a whole new avenue for creative advertising. [youtube] via: Holley Sydney Labs/Gual Barwell  More at Microsoft. M. x

  • [youtube] The Board of Awesomeness – Xbox Kinect Gesture controlled skateboard… YES!! (Source: